Leigh Luscious

I know I’ve been rather slack about posting.  I ended up catching my son’s sore throat (although, thankfully, this did not turn into croup for me).  And our lovely nanny, Leigh, finished with us on Thursday.

All big occasions need a cake
All big occasions need a cake

Leigh had been with us since my son was four months old and, in that time, has become a dear friend.  She’s going to be looking after a baby who lives round the corner from us so I am sure that we will still see her often.

Leigh is also a singer songwriter who performs under the name Leigh Luscious.  Her songs are pure filth (although very good) … and actually so is her Twitter feed.  She may or may not have been banned from Facebook.

Leigh has a new single out called Woopdedoop.  She has told me not to listen to it in front of the children so, although I have downloaded it from iTunes, I haven’t had a chance to play it yet.