Snow warning

My friend T mentioned that it is meant to snow on Thursday night.  Since we spoke, there’s been a yellow weather warning from the Met Office and something in Time Out about the possibility of snow.

Snow on Thursday night?
Snow on Thursday night?

This prompted me to check out our snow boot situation.  I have some that my daughter can wear (size 9 but Crocs come up small for some reason and she’ll wear them with thick socks) but all our pairs are too small for my son.

I ended up ordering some new snow boots from Muddy Puddles, along with six pairs of ski socks and a new ski snood for my son.  So that’s dealt with some of my shopping list.

Post Christmas slump

It’s a sunny, cold day here – yesterday, there was still frost on the lawn at 2pm.  Not a whole lot is happening – my son is very slightly poorly.  The sort of poorly where you can only do things you want to do.  Which means that he can pretty much only play Minecraft.  He keep asking me to help him with it but I’m fairly sure that I don’t want to get sucked into the abyss that is Minecraft.

Don't you love a bright, cold day?
Don’t you love a bright, cold day?
We'll go for a bracing walk tomorrow
We’ll go for a bracing walk tomorrow

The winter season

I absolutely love the IoW but quite a lot is closed during winter (defined as 1 November to Easter but quite a few places shut down in mid September).

As a result I am writing this post in soft play, one of the only places that is open.  It is crowded and you can tell all the children have just about had enough of the Christmas holidays.  At present I can see four howling children and three sulky ones.  I have also lost sight of mine, I hope temporarily.

I’d thought most children go back today but it must be tomorrow.

At least when everything opens again, we’ll really appreciate it.

The Hut more or less gets completely rebuilt every winter
The Hut more or less gets completely rebuilt every winter


First day of winter

Today is the first day of winter!  We’ve finally had some cold weather and I have had lots of use out of my new coat.

Yes, it FINALLY got below freezing
Yes, it FINALLY got below freezing

When I met my husband, he said “But aren’t you freezing? Your coat is undone!”  No, I wasn’t – I also had a long sleeved top, a fleece, a hat and a snood on and was fine.  He was freezing – because he was wearing a short sleeved T shirt and a suede jacket, no hat, no scarf.

Posing in my new coat ... although yesterday I wore a hat and snood
Posing in my new coat … although yesterday I wore a hat and snood

Compost bin at the end of November

The pumpkins have rotted down nicely and I ended up putting a load of leaves that I picked out the herb patch into the compost bin.  They’ll need a few green things on top but that should be okay.

Compost bin.
Compost bin

It’s unlikely that much will happen to the compost over the next few days / weeks.  I am told (by my Mum) that it is going to be cold this week.  I’ve had a look at the BBC weather app and today it is meant to be 0C (32F) at 9am in London and tomorrow it is meant to be -3C (27F) at 9am.  Woohoo!  The new down parka was not a total waste of money!

It is also going to be cold in the IoW but it isn’t going to get below freezing (because it almost never does here).

It’s going to be colder – but only for a couple of days

I wore my new parka for the first time yesterday.  The day before it had been far milder but yesterday the day started off at about 4C (39F).  I felt cold in my wool coat so therefore judged that my parka could now be reasonably worn.

I think the Landsend wardrobe said that the parka had been tested down to -32C (-26F), when worn with a typical winter wardrobe.  I had worried that I would sweat in it but I was comfortable enough.  Realistically, I am never going to find out whether Landsend’s claims hold up (unless I visit northern Canada in the depths of winter).  Possibly, although it has been tested down to -32C, the website doesn’t say whether the wearer was still snuggly warm at that temperature.  It is possible that they were utterly frozen.  Humans aren’t really meant to live at -32C.

London’s trees have nearly lost all their leaves.  I keep meaning to take my camera out and then forgetting so these photos were taken with my iPhone.

Most of the leaves are on the ground
Most of the leaves are on the ground
Some are on the cars
Some are on the cars
Don't you just love Autumn?
Don’t you just love Autumn?

The author of this blog has said that we are in for a cold winter.  I think I would enjoy a cold winter, although it wouldn’t suit everybody.