Suddenly, it’s feeling far more wintry.  I know not everyone will be pleased about this but tonight it’s meant to get down to 1C (34F) in London which is how it should be in January.

Winter - it's finally cold
Winter – it’s finally cold

Now I’m off to look at some more photos of the snow in Newcastle.

Storm Desmond

Today, I was listening to Radio 4 in the car – the presenters said that Storm Desmond is going to cause severe flooding in Scotland and northern England.  I’m not expecting much to happen in the IoW (apart from rain and wind) but it gives me a good reason to stay indoors (being koselig) – perhaps we’ll have a fire tonight.  If my son will go downstairs to collect the logs, that is.

It was really windy - although t doesn't look it here
It was really windy – although it doesn’t look it here
The sea
The sea