It’s far cooler this week.  I know that not everywhere in the UK has been roasting but London has.  On Wednesday (32C) we went to the Bleeding Heart, sat in the courtyard and pretended that we were in the south of France.  I had snails to start and then we shared the Cote de Boeuf.

The Bleeding Heart

I am rather relieved that it isn’t as hot this week – it might even rain today!  My friend N (who is from Malaysia) sometimes talks about “candle princesses” (people who melt in the heat) and I may be one.  Heat is super when you’re in the Maldives / Seychelles / you get the idea (although much about 25C and it gets a bit much) but it isn’t a whole lot of fun when you have to get the bus into central London.

It’s not good to rush around in the heat

Changing weather

Yesterday was beautiful and it looks as though today will be too (although tomorrow it is meant to rain).  I disapprove of people who whinge about the weather – I used to know a woman who would say “Oh, it’s raiiiiiiniiiing!” as though this was the end of the world.  I mean, I would have understood if she’d had to walk several miles in just a t shirt.  But she had a coat! a car! a house!  There really was no need to moan.

Earlier this week we had quite a heavy hailstorm, which is something you don’t get all that often in London.  I didn’t love getting caught in it but it did encourage my children to pull their hoods on and walk briskly to the house.  It was quite pretty once we were inside.

Once it stopped, I went outside in my Crocs and unblocked the drain in the back garden – we had a little flood (although it hadn’t quite got into the house).


Snow warning

My friend T mentioned that it is meant to snow on Thursday night.  Since we spoke, there’s been a yellow weather warning from the Met Office and something in Time Out about the possibility of snow.

Snow on Thursday night?
Snow on Thursday night?

This prompted me to check out our snow boot situation.  I have some that my daughter can wear (size 9 but Crocs come up small for some reason and she’ll wear them with thick socks) but all our pairs are too small for my son.

I ended up ordering some new snow boots from Muddy Puddles, along with six pairs of ski socks and a new ski snood for my son.  So that’s dealt with some of my shopping list.

Compost bin at the end of November

The pumpkins have rotted down nicely and I ended up putting a load of leaves that I picked out the herb patch into the compost bin.  They’ll need a few green things on top but that should be okay.

Compost bin.
Compost bin

It’s unlikely that much will happen to the compost over the next few days / weeks.  I am told (by my Mum) that it is going to be cold this week.  I’ve had a look at the BBC weather app and today it is meant to be 0C (32F) at 9am in London and tomorrow it is meant to be -3C (27F) at 9am.  Woohoo!  The new down parka was not a total waste of money!

It is also going to be cold in the IoW but it isn’t going to get below freezing (because it almost never does here).

It’s going to be hot next week

I’ve just checked my BBC Weather app … and it’s going to be hot next week.  It’s meant to get up to 30C (86F) on Tuesday and 27C (81F) on Wednesday.  I disapprove of people whining about the weather – you take what comes and dress appropriately.  But but BUT – it’s September!  This morning, it is clear and crisp – the sort of temperature where you think you might want to wear a jumper … but not yet.  This is how it is meant to be.  Anything else is just confusing.

Plus, I am not sure that I am confident enough to wear shorts on the school run.

Trees - these are meant to change colour soon
Trees – these are meant to change colour soon


I am in heaven – it is -3C right now!  I know, I know – this doesn’t suit everyone and I am sorry for it.  But it does rather suit me (and my garden).  January is meant to be cold – our warm December was unseasonable and rather strange.  Plus, as I don’t actually get to choose the weather, I don’t think there is any need to feel guilt at my pleasure.

I was rather prompted to order snow boots for the children by the Spike.  Whenever Esther Walker recommends something, it tends to sell out which, in this case, would be a disaster because we are going skiing next month and I think Muddy Puddles do the best kids’ snow boots.  They’re really sturdy, easy to get on and not expensive (compared with other snow boots I’ve seen).

The boys' boots
The boy’s boots
The girls' boots
The girl’s boots

As I was buying them a whole month early, I bought them a size bigger than they are currently wearing.  The velcro fastenings and zip mean that they won’t fall off in the way that wellies do and the kids don’t seem to mind that the shoe bit of their boots is a bit big.  Better that than too small.