Yesterday, I passed the Worker’s Cafe and saw this:

They’re having building work

I really hope that they’re not closing down to become something poncier (like a Prada).  My husband and I were in there a week or so ago and Jeremy Corbyn walked in.  I didn’t notice (I was probably on my phone) but my husband said that he bought a bunch of coffees and took them out.  Possibly somewhere like the Worker’s Cafe is quite useful to Jeremy Corbyn – there’s no embarrassment if he gets photographed coming out of there.  Might even be good publicity.

Christmas lights outside St Mary’s Upper Street

Yesterday evening, my son and I went out to run a couple of errands – one of these was going to buy some ham from Carluccios (we originally went to the Angel Deli on Cross Street but had forgotten that it is shut on Tuesdays).  On the way, we passed St Mary’s and admired the lights they had put up outside the church.

St Mary's Upper Street
St Mary’s Upper Street – the lights are more apparent in person
Here they are
Here they are

I do love subtle, tasteful Christmas lights – even if they are quite hard to take photos of.  Islington is starting to look really Christmassy.

Chinese Laundry

This morning, my husband and kids were all out doing their various things so I took myself to Chinese Laundry on Upper Street for brunch.  I’d tried to go yesterday but my husband wasn’t all that up for it.

It’s often a bit funny going out to eat by yourself.  If the place was rammed with groups of people having a wicked time, I probably would have slunk off feeling like a complete Billy.  However, there were just a couple of Chinese foreign students sitting in the window so it was cool.  I hung my bright pink Landsend mac up on the hook and sat at a nice little table right in the middle.

Here you go
Here you go

The inside is cool, very retro without being too kitsch.  It’s the sort of place that would be very admired in Brighton (where I grew up).

I had a latte and something called Egg hug dumpling (or something a bit like that).  It was basically an omelette with a load of beef dumplings in the middle and was delicious. Basically exactly what I was in the mood for.

This was extremely delicious
This was extremely delicious – and hardly any carbs!

They weren’t super quick but that was okay as I had Diary of a Provincial Lady on my kindle.  I was introduced to this by another blog, Mrs Ford’s Diary, which is well worth a read.

It wasn’t even expensive.  I absolutely recommend it.