Losing part of a set

For Christmas, my daughter got a couple of little Paw Patrol figures.  They are small and she likes to build little houses for them using Magnatiles and make them have conversations with each other.

Here they are
Here they are

The other day, we took the children out to get their hair cut and my daughter had brought both with her in the car.  When she got out, I noticed that she only had Skye (pink dog) and asked her whether she also had Chase (blue dog).  She looked slightly troubled and said no so I assumed that it was in the car.

Anyway, it was nowhere to be found.  Both my husband and I searched the car REALLY well and my husband even went back to the barber / hairdresser to ask whether it had been handed in.  Nope.

At this point, I started fretting and even ended up getting my husband to order a new plastic blue dog from Ebay.  He (I think) rather thought I’d lost my mind but my Mum says that I was always the child who was Very Good At Keeping Sets Of Toys together.  Which is true; I even remember searching the house for a tiny plastic egg that was part of my Sindy food collection.  I think I found it in the garden, just outside the back door (it did look like a tiny stone, to be fair).

In the end, I found the little Chase figure on the floor of the pub that we went for lunch in – it must have been in the sleeve of my daughter’s coat.

Clearing out toys

I have had a sort out of the toys in the IoW.  It had got to the point that the children weren’t playing with the toys they have because they were so mixed in with the broken or baby toys.  There are some things that are still good but are just too young for my kids – I think I’ll ask the nursery here whether they want them.

These are still good. I just don't want them
These are still good. I just don’t want them

However, this leaves a giant box full of stuff that, realistically, no one wants.  Things like tat we’ve bought on days out, jigsaw puzzles with pieces missing, old toys that have pretty much completely fallen apart.  What do I do with this stuff?  I hate the idea of it going to landfill.


Finally, here is the new pile of stuff that is made up of toys the children still like and play with.

This is the stuff we are keeping
This is the stuff we are keeping

Clearing out all the crap

I have been on a bit of a mission to start clearing out all the stuff we don’t want or use.  Like the baby toys.  It’s actually rather disgusting how much there is.

This is ridiculous
This is ridiculous (and only a fraction of the total)

The problem is, my local charity shop is shut until 20 June so I can’t actually clear it out.  I know that there are other charity shops but I would realistically have to drive and there’s nowhere to park anywhere near them.  I’ve tried googling ways to donate things to charity but it looks as though most places are really particular about what they take.  This is fair enough but doesn’t help me in my mission to make sure that all this stuff doesn’t end up as landfill.

Finding lost toys

My son went through a phase of being utterly obsessed with dinosaurs.  It actually helped a bit with his speech – once you’ve managed to pronounce pteranodon, ankylosaurus, brachiosaurus etc, you’re well on the way to being able to talk like a normal person.

For ages, my son’s favourite dinosaur was Tyrannosaurus Rex.  He took him everywhere and sometimes slept with him.  This creates a problem – toys that get left in random places are often toys that you can’t find.  Although, my son is less attached to this one, particular, bit of molded plastic, it really bugged me that we couldn’t find it.  It wasn’t in the cupboards.  It wasn’t in the dinosaurs-and-other-creatures box.  It wasn’t in the drawers in his bedroom and it wasn’t next to the bath.

I ended up finding it in a random bag of stuff somewhere in the living room.  I was extremely pleased about this but I don’t think he was all that bothered.

Tyrannosaurus Rex died out 65 million years ago
Tyrannosaurus Rex died out 65 million years ago
Tyrannosaurus Rex with a load of his dinosaur mates
Tyrannosaurus Rex with a load of his dinosaur mates – although neither pteranodon nor elasmosaurus were, technically, dinosaurs


The other day I bought the kids a couple of jigsaws – one 25 piece one with a picture of jungle animals on and one 150 piece one with a map of the world on.


I like doing puzzles but tend to get a bit frustrated when the kids do one.  I know it just needs practice and they are good for building patience but it drives me crackers when they won’t put them back in the box nicely or when one piece is missing.

Still, anything is better than watching Animal Mechanicals.

Lissi Fashion

When I was about six, I saved up my pocket money and bought this Lissi Fashion doll.

Check out the heavy fringe
Check out the heavy fringe

She does look rather eighties (unsurprisingly) but perhaps my daughter will like her long hair.  Again, I’ve given her (and her outfit) a good wash.


I also found my old baby doll, Sarah-Jane, in my Mum’s loft.


My Grandma bought her for me when I was a baby.  When I was little, I desperately wanted to have a hyphenated name so called her Sarah-Jane.  My Grandma also made that cape for me when I was a baby – I don’t think it fitted me for all that long but it has been put to good use for Sarah-Jane.

Grandma died of leukaemia when I was three.  I think she was ill for quite a long time but my parents only knew for the last year of her life.

I’ve washed the dolly’s clothes and, while still a bit faded and yellow, they are now at least clean.  I’ve also given Sarah-Jane a wash.  She’s not that pretty but I was fond of her.  I wonder whether my daughter will like her?