Herb haul

After a bit of umming and ahhing, I decided that, no, the rosemary was not going to survive.  Particularly as I am not in the IoW all the time and so don’t have time to tend it carefully.  I cut off what I could and put the springs in a freezer bag in the fridge.  I hope they don’t go mouldy.

An upside (as pointed out by Kal) is that I get to start again.  So here it is.

Herb haul
Herb haul

You are looking at:

  • Parsley (curly);
  • Garlic chives (sometimes called Chinese chives);
  • Coriander;
  • Rosemary;
  • Oregano (Aureum and Hot&Spicy);
  • Sage (Tricolor);
  • Thyme (Common – looks a bit messy – and Golden);
  • French tarragon;
  • Chervil;
  • English mace; and
  • Basil.

Some of these, I know what to do with.  Some I don’t.  I’ve never used chervil but it seems to be one of the few herbs that survives in shade.  And it has pretty leaves.  I’m a bit short of thyme generally so I really hope that the thyme survives in the herb garden.  English mace is a different thing from the outer husk of nutmeg – although the sign said it could be used instead of nutmeg – and is meant to be quite strong tasting.

New herb garden
New herb garden

At the same time, I bought some more rosemary to go in a sunny, dry bit at the back of the rose garden, hyssop to replace some that died in one of my flowerbeds and a lavender (Edelweiss) to go in the spot where the builders stood on my rosemary.

Another plant haul

One advantage of having had that tree cut back is that it has revealed a lot more of the garden.  My husband suggested that, as the top is on a steep slope and is full of tree roots, I could plant wild flowers in that spot.  We had a bit of a chat about this – the problem with wild flowers is that they are, well, wild and my husband will be sad if they get into the main bit of the lawn.  Ideally, I would put foxgloves in the spot but they are so poisonous, I am a bit loathe to have them in a spot where the children run around.  In the end, we settled for primroses so I went and bought five, all in different colours.

Yes, I bought ten more plants.  There is always room for more
Yes, I bought ten more plants. There is always room for more

As well as primroses, I bought a golden thyme (as I only have one really good ball of non-lemon thyme), three heathers (to go on the bank) and a French tarragon (because they had it at the garden centre).  I put the tarragon in the rose garden (as it is walled and therefore a bit more protected), the thyme in the flowerbed at the back of the garden (lots of sunlight, not much water) and shoved the heathers in where a load of heucheras had died (probably too much sun and not enough water).

The children helped me plant them, until I picked them each a stem of winter flowering heliotrope and told them to chase each other round the garden.

Herb garden

Here is a picture of my herb garden.

Herb garden
Herb garden

Quite a lot has died but quite a lot is still going.  Once we get into Spring, I’ll plant some more dill, golden sage and chervil (all of which has died).  This rosemary is looking okay – it hasn’t flowered yet though (which is a pity).  The tarragon at the back is Russian tarragon – I did have some French tarragon but of course it is dead.