In flower early

I have a few plants which are in flower early – it must be the complete lack of rain that has convinced them that it is summer.  However, the bees are happy enough.

Euphorbia – this is a bit of a monster but rather eye catching
French lavender – I bought this from a garden centre so it being just about to flower may only be due to having been in a greenhouse
Foxgloves in the lower garden – not quite in flower
Tiarella – this looks quite pretty next to this acer


The news

I’m sure that you will all have seen the news about the terror attack in Westminster a couple of days ago.

I’m not going to write about this – the news keeps changing and anything I write will be out of date or just plain won’t do it justice.  I’m sure that lots of far better, more articulate, people will produce newspaper articles and columns on it and I will read them.

London is looking really beautiful at the moment.  Spring has sprung and the City of London is full of blossom.  I’m sure that Westminster is too.

I took this photo from the upper deck of the 56 bus

Changing weather

Yesterday was beautiful and it looks as though today will be too (although tomorrow it is meant to rain).  I disapprove of people who whinge about the weather – I used to know a woman who would say “Oh, it’s raiiiiiiniiiing!” as though this was the end of the world.  I mean, I would have understood if she’d had to walk several miles in just a t shirt.  But she had a coat! a car! a house!  There really was no need to moan.

Earlier this week we had quite a heavy hailstorm, which is something you don’t get all that often in London.  I didn’t love getting caught in it but it did encourage my children to pull their hoods on and walk briskly to the house.  It was quite pretty once we were inside.

Once it stopped, I went outside in my Crocs and unblocked the drain in the back garden – we had a little flood (although it hadn’t quite got into the house).



Today is Ash Wednesday but also – also! – it is 1 March.  The first day of Spring!    Hurrah!  I have no objection to winter (in fact I love it) but it is a good feeling when the days start getting lighter and warmer.

I’ve given some thoughts to the children’s clothes – I need to do another clear out, I’m sure they have lots that they aren’t going to wear again.  Perhaps I have the urge to spring clean?

A couple of weeks ago, LoveItLoveItLoveIt had a bit of a sale and I bought these for my daughter.

Shorts and a T shirt
Shorts and a T shirt – I don’t think either of these were reduced

I do like LoveItLoveItLoveIt – they specialise in Scandinavian children’s clothes and, even though they tend to be expensive, their stuff lasts for ages.  My daughter had a purple dress from them that she wore for about two years. It helps that I’ve stopped tumble drying the kids’ clothes.

This outfit will be super once it starts getting really warm.  A friend back in Brighton (where I grew up) mentioned Gay Pride (starts on 4 August) and, if we were going, it would be just the thing to wear.


Last weekend, we went to the IoW.  Although it is still winter (at least until 1 March), quite a few daffodils and blossom were out.  I even saw my first bumblebee (I was in the kitchen and didn’t have my camera or I would have taken a photo).


The primroses are looking very pretty.  Last year I planted a whole bunch of more exotic primroses – so far they haven’t appeared.  Perhaps it is a bit early or perhaps they just haven’t survived.

Little daffodils
Little daffodils

The little daffodils are out and the big daffodils are appearing.  I haven’t seen any sign of the alliums – I don’t think they came back last year so perhaps it is the wrong spot for them.

There are quite a few beds that are an utter disgrace.  Weedy, full of grass, just plain looking awful.  When it stops raining, I will sort those those out.