Wild and Gorgeous

A few days ago, I mentioned the Wild & Gorgeous sale.  The stuff has arrived and it hasn’t disappointed.  My daughter went a bit mad with joy when she saw it, tried it all on and danced round the room wearing it.  So that’s a hit.

I do have to point out (as, if you are interested enough to click on the website link, you’ll probably be horrified at the prices.  Particularly if you are (1) my Mum or (2) one of her friends), I got this stuff in the outlet sale (up to 80% off).  I don’t pay full price, partly because if I did and my daughter slopped her dinner down a £100 frock, I would cry.  Also, my husband would be so cross if I spent hundreds on poncy clothes for a three year old.

One maddening result of the sale being over is that I can’t now go back and check out how much each thing was originally and then BRAG about how I AM SUCH A CHEAP DATE REALLY.

Dragon jacket and roller dungaree dress – £24 and £27.60
Dragon on the back of the jacket
Rising Sun T shirt (£5), Peking Top (£13.50), Diamond Jewel Cardigan (£13) and Stripe Sweatshirt (£16.50)

I know that the Rising Sun T shirt was £25 originally and the jacket was definitely about £100.  The cardigans that they have now (similar to the one I bought) are £39.  I can’t remember how much the other two things I bought were originally BUT I BET IT WAS A LOT MORE THAN I PAID.


Today is Ash Wednesday but also – also! – it is 1 March.  The first day of Spring!    Hurrah!  I have no objection to winter (in fact I love it) but it is a good feeling when the days start getting lighter and warmer.

I’ve given some thoughts to the children’s clothes – I need to do another clear out, I’m sure they have lots that they aren’t going to wear again.  Perhaps I have the urge to spring clean?

A couple of weeks ago, LoveItLoveItLoveIt had a bit of a sale and I bought these for my daughter.

Shorts and a T shirt
Shorts and a T shirt – I don’t think either of these were reduced

I do like LoveItLoveItLoveIt – they specialise in Scandinavian children’s clothes and, even though they tend to be expensive, their stuff lasts for ages.  My daughter had a purple dress from them that she wore for about two years. It helps that I’ve stopped tumble drying the kids’ clothes.

This outfit will be super once it starts getting really warm.  A friend back in Brighton (where I grew up) mentioned Gay Pride (starts on 4 August) and, if we were going, it would be just the thing to wear.

Riding boots

My sister in law was wearing these marvellous riding boots at Christmas (she, unlike me, actually has a horse so they are Proper Ones).

Riding boots
Riding boots

I ended up googling them and then ordering them from a place called Satin Stitch Equestrian.  I ordered them on Boxing Day but hadn’t taken into account that this place is not Amazon so the boots only got dispatched on 8 January (meaning I wasn’t in the IoW to collect them).  All was well, however – my husband’s parents went and got them from the Post Office.

They are pretty comfy.  I have an old pair of brown leather boots which are meant to look like riding boots but which have entirely fallen apart around the heel so I hope these will be more long lasting.  I wore them for a long tramp around the grounds at Osborne House on their first day and they kept me warm.

New clothes for the girl

Boden have been having a sale and I ended up buying this top and trousers for my daughter from their clearance section.

T shirt and jodhpurs
T shirt and jodhpurs

The jodhpurs were £7.80 (originally £19.50) and the T shirt was £4.35 (originally £14.50).  There is some nice stuff in the clearance section but it is mainly for ages 11+ (stuff that would be super on my three year old but that few thirteen year olds would willingly wear).

Yet more new ski gear

After my audit of the ski gear, I’ve bought some of the things on my list.

These were from VikingKids
These were from VikingKids

I ended up buying two fleeces for the boy, both from VikingKids.  They have a super annoying website but are also having a really good sale.  Problem is, you only find out something isn’t in stock when you click “add to basket” so it took a while.

The red fleece was by Reima (Finnish) and was £17.50, reduced from £28.50.  The green fleece was by Isbjorn (Swedish) and was £24.50, reduced from £44.50.  The red is slightly thicker than the green but neither are as thick as the fleeces that came inside the Muddy Puddles coats (they don’t sell the ski jackets with the zip in fleeces any more, which is a pity).  However, I’m sure they’ll be fine for skiing.  I bought them for height 122cm (age 7), which I thought would mean that he had some growing room – however, he was measured at school on Friday and is 120cm tall so I wasn’t as prudent as I’d thought.

What else did I get?  Oh yes, snow boots, more ski socks and a snood for the boy.  I didn’t bother taking a photo of those.

New dresses for the girls

Question Everything have a pretty nice sale on right now.  They aren’t very well known but are similar to the way that Ilovegorgeous used to be (also quite expensive but I only buy in the sale).  I had a present to buy for B and M’s daughter so I picked up a dress for her.

Summer Girl's Dress - I didn't want to take it out of the wrapping
Summer Girl’s Dress – I didn’t want to take it out of the wrapping

I also picked up a couple for my daughter in age 4 to 5 (so a bit too big but will last a couple of years).  The first is cotton and the second is corduroy (so one for summer and one for winter).

Dakota Girl's Dress
Dakota Girl’s Dress – for summer
Layla Girl's Dress - for winter
Layla Girl’s Dress – for winter

La Redoute

A few weeks ago, La Redoute had a 50% sale so I ordered a bunch of things.  They arrived today so I tried them on, decided that they wouldn’t do and have put them all back in the parcel, ready to get dropped off at the post office.  In fact, a couple were very nice but I just didn’t suit them.

The v neck was too low on this
The v neck was too low on this
This was too short
This was too short but the material was lovely
This was the nicest of the three but I caught myself posing to make it look better so back it goes
This was the nicest of the three but I caught myself posing to make it look better so back it goes

I think part of the problem is that their sizing goes 10/12, 14/16, 18/20 etc.  So if you are, say, a solid UK size 16, the 14/16 will be a bit snug and the 18/20 will be far too big.

Oh well, hey ho, back they go.