Feeling better

Having come out the other side of Root Canal Treatment Part 1, I am now feeling so much better.  You know when you don’t realise how terrible you felt  until you start getting better?  I’ve basically spent the last six weeks feeling slightly fluey but I’d assumed I was…run down?  Needed to cut back on the booze?  Perhaps this was what being 40 would be like (ugh).

Now the dentist has done his thing, I’ve stopped getting that unpleasant taste in my mouth and feel … better.  Thank God because we’re going skiing for half term.

I’ve also had all my hair cut off.  It had got quite long and whenever I combed it, it took ages because the ends had got so crunchy.  I had meant to just get an inch cut off but when I was having it washed, I randomly decided to get it cut to a jaw length bob.  I like it a lot and my husband said it looks nice.  My son HATES it and cried.  He said that he liked my hair the way it used to be.  I don’t think he approves of me changing my appearance.

My daughter, thank goodness, couldn’t give a shit what I do to my hair.  As long as I provide regular meals and snacks, let her watch Paw Patrol and murmur approving things while she does forward rolls, she will remain implacably indifferent to how I look.

I still haven’t quite managed to turn over the compost heap.  Never mind.  I’ll do it in April.

Compost bin
Compost bin


At the weekend, my husband went skiing with a load of other guys so I had the children by myself all weekend.  We took the opportunity to do a picture of Jupiter for my son’s Show and Tell (which is in a week and a half).

Jupiter, Earth and a picture of the Juno probe
Jupiter, Earth and a picture of the Juno probe

The thing with stuff like this is that it needs to be something that your child can reasonably do a lot of themselves.  I bought a load of coloured card and some sheets of white tissue from that art shop Cass.  We drew around a tray that goes in the microwave when we want to use it as a convection oven for the Jupiter circle and drew around an egg cup for the Earth circle.  The relative dimensions aren’t quite right – Jupiter has a diameter which is 11.2 times that os Earth – but it was the best we could do.

To get the lines across Jupiter, we cut out strips of different coloured card and tissue and glued them onto Jupiter.  The tadpole-like shape you see is the Great Red Spot.

For Earth, my son cut out some little green blobs and stuck them onto the blue circle.  The white tissue at the top and bottom represent the polar ice caps.

Losing part of a set

For Christmas, my daughter got a couple of little Paw Patrol figures.  They are small and she likes to build little houses for them using Magnatiles and make them have conversations with each other.

Here they are
Here they are

The other day, we took the children out to get their hair cut and my daughter had brought both with her in the car.  When she got out, I noticed that she only had Skye (pink dog) and asked her whether she also had Chase (blue dog).  She looked slightly troubled and said no so I assumed that it was in the car.

Anyway, it was nowhere to be found.  Both my husband and I searched the car REALLY well and my husband even went back to the barber / hairdresser to ask whether it had been handed in.  Nope.

At this point, I started fretting and even ended up getting my husband to order a new plastic blue dog from Ebay.  He (I think) rather thought I’d lost my mind but my Mum says that I was always the child who was Very Good At Keeping Sets Of Toys together.  Which is true; I even remember searching the house for a tiny plastic egg that was part of my Sindy food collection.  I think I found it in the garden, just outside the back door (it did look like a tiny stone, to be fair).

In the end, I found the little Chase figure on the floor of the pub that we went for lunch in – it must have been in the sleeve of my daughter’s coat.

The winter season

I absolutely love the IoW but quite a lot is closed during winter (defined as 1 November to Easter but quite a few places shut down in mid September).

As a result I am writing this post in soft play, one of the only places that is open.  It is crowded and you can tell all the children have just about had enough of the Christmas holidays.  At present I can see four howling children and three sulky ones.  I have also lost sight of mine, I hope temporarily.

I’d thought most children go back today but it must be tomorrow.

At least when everything opens again, we’ll really appreciate it.

The Hut more or less gets completely rebuilt every winter
The Hut more or less gets completely rebuilt every winter


Project X Alien Adventures

My son and I have really enjoyed reading these books over the last half a term and we have only one book left (Tara’s Party, which looks okay).  Although he still needs some help, he can decode “morning”, “walks”, “could” etc. so it feels as though he’s really made some progress.

I ended up putting a thread on Mumsnet to see whether there were any other book sets that we could move onto.  The first few responses were that I should just take him to a library and let him choose.  There were a few responses that ended up being rather fighty about phonics.  However, a kind soul recommended these so I bought them.

Project X Alien Adventures
Project X Alien Adventures

The Book People are selling series 1 and 2 for £30, which is really quite a bargain.  They start at the Oxford Reading Level 7 (the Songbirds books I’d bought before went from 1+ to 6) and go up to 11 in the first series and up to 14 in the second series (by which time, presumably, he’ll be ready to read the King James Bible and Anna Karenina).

When I bought them, the Book People website seemed to suggest that there was no chance they would be delivered before Christmas.  However, when we turned up in the IoW, there were “while you were out” cards for the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of December.  O!  The shame!  Thankfully, the kind lady who’d been trying to deliver them still had them and said she’d pop them round on the 28th as she already had a delivery in my area then.  I gave her a bottle of wine to say thank you so I hope she isn’t too annoyed with me.

While we’re on Space, this is extremely cool.  Watch it with the sound on.

Build it up, knock it down

We arrived at Christmas and have now left it behind.  I’ve been staying at my in laws’ for the last few days (which was super) so haven’t been posting … and realistically, no one expects bloggers to post over Christmas.

We ate and drank (I drank all my father in law’s tawny port) and gave each other loads of cool stuff.

Like this!
Like this!

I’ve been jonesing to get the kids MagnaTiles for a little while ago but hadn’t because they had loads of other stuff and blah blah blah.  Both my son and daughter like playing with them (and so do I) – both have a habit of wanting whichever piece you have just added to your structure so it helps familial negotiations.

When you have finished, get your kids to knock your structure down.  They aren’t meant to last.

New top for the girl

My daughter is going to be a cow in her Nativity play at nursery.  I was asked to dress her in a long sleeved black top and black tights but I’ve found that absolutely nowhere seems to sell plain black tops for small children so the women at the nursery said that a white top and white tights (which I can get / do have) would be fine.

This was £4 from M&S
This was £4 from M&S

Speaking of my daughter, she was sick the other day.  I hadn’t realised that it had got on the floor in the hallway and slipped over on it.  Landed on my hip and whacked the top of my ear (the bit with all the cartilage) on the door frame.  It was days ago and is still agony.  I have no idea how anyone can get that bit of their ear pierced.

At least my daughter is feeling much better.