It’s New Year!

I don’t think we’re going to achieve all that much today.  Our lovely friends have all gone (they have school and work tomorrow) so today I am going to do laundry, my son is going to watch cartoons about violent robots from another dimension and my daughter is going to play with Lego.

I wish I’d taken some photos of the fog on Friday, it was quite something.  The ferries were cancelled and we all just sat in the house feeling as though we were in an Agatha Christie novel.  Apart from L, who came here from work and had a hideous journey involving broken train signals and closed roads.

On New Year’s Day itself, we all went for a walk along the seafront and came across a group of hardy souls who were going for their first swim of the year.  They meet every Friday to swim in the sea so are used to cold water.

People swimming in the sea on New Year's Day
People swimming in the sea on New Year’s Day

Ventnor and Steephill Cove

Happy New Year!  It’s been kind of wet and windy but yesterday we had a fantastic window of sunshine so we went for a windy walk along the cliff from Ventnor.  I’m really enjoying doing this sort of thing now that my daughter is old enough to walk.  Our friends G and L were with us with their two kids so we had a nice little gang of children.

The waves were really big in person but it's difficult to capture this in a picture
The waves were really big in person but it’s difficult to capture this in a picture
We ended up at Steephill Cove, which is a fantastic spot.
We ended up at Steephill Cove, which is a fantastic spot.
The sea on New Year's Eve
The sea on New Year’s Eve

Steephill Cove is a pretty spot – you can’t get there by car so you need to do a steep walk, whichever direction you come from (involving lots of stairs down a cliff).  A couple of years ago we were there and I saw someone with a Bugaboo Donkey on the beach – I seriously have no idea how they got that there (or got it back up to the top).  It’s hard enough with just a rucksack.

If you go in summer, they have a terrific cafe that does a lot of crab.  It being winter, however, it was shut (like much of the IoW).

Having a holiday

As we’re getting into Christmas, I’m thinking about what I’d going to do over the twelve days and before.  Realistically, I’m not going to be able to produce blog posts at the rate I usually do over Christmas – partly this is because I really have a bit too much to do and partly because my laptop in the Isle of Wight (where we’re going for Christmas) is so slow and clunky.  Seriously – it freezes ALL THE TIME and if you don’t keep it plugged in, it will spontaneously die, despite saying that it has well over an hour of battery left.  This does tend to kill the spontaneity of the posts and, well, just makes it much harder work.

I AM still going to blog – it’s just that I will aim for one post a day rather than my current three or four posts.  I’ll ramp it up again when Christmas and New Year are over.

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year.