Feeling better

Having come out the other side of Root Canal Treatment Part 1, I am now feeling so much better.  You know when you don’t realise how terrible you felt  until you start getting better?  I’ve basically spent the last six weeks feeling slightly fluey but I’d assumed I was…run down?  Needed to cut back on the booze?  Perhaps this was what being 40 would be like (ugh).

Now the dentist has done his thing, I’ve stopped getting that unpleasant taste in my mouth and feel … better.  Thank God because we’re going skiing for half term.

I’ve also had all my hair cut off.  It had got quite long and whenever I combed it, it took ages because the ends had got so crunchy.  I had meant to just get an inch cut off but when I was having it washed, I randomly decided to get it cut to a jaw length bob.  I like it a lot and my husband said it looks nice.  My son HATES it and cried.  He said that he liked my hair the way it used to be.  I don’t think he approves of me changing my appearance.

My daughter, thank goodness, couldn’t give a shit what I do to my hair.  As long as I provide regular meals and snacks, let her watch Paw Patrol and murmur approving things while she does forward rolls, she will remain implacably indifferent to how I look.

I still haven’t quite managed to turn over the compost heap.  Never mind.  I’ll do it in April.

Compost bin
Compost bin

Eggy Matzos

At the weekend, my son likes to have eggy matzos for breakfast (I refuse to cook them in the week as it takes too long).  Technically these are Matzo Brei but I’m sure I don’t make them the correct way.

I first read about this in an Annabel Karmel book and it’s one of the few things that I still make.  I use three eggs and three matzos (AK says to use one egg per two matzos but I changed it).  Break the matzos into pieces and soak them in a bowl with cold water.  Beat the eggs in a jug.  Drain the water and squeeze out the excess.  Add the beaten egg to the matzos.

Heat up a frying pan with some butter.  Add the eggy matzos – you want them to fill the pan in the same way a pancake would.  From this point, cook in the same way as a pancake – you will need to turn it halfway through.

We each get a third
We each get a third

Some people add icing sugar but I think my children get enough sugar.


At the weekend, my husband went skiing with a load of other guys so I had the children by myself all weekend.  We took the opportunity to do a picture of Jupiter for my son’s Show and Tell (which is in a week and a half).

Jupiter, Earth and a picture of the Juno probe
Jupiter, Earth and a picture of the Juno probe

The thing with stuff like this is that it needs to be something that your child can reasonably do a lot of themselves.  I bought a load of coloured card and some sheets of white tissue from that art shop Cass.  We drew around a tray that goes in the microwave when we want to use it as a convection oven for the Jupiter circle and drew around an egg cup for the Earth circle.  The relative dimensions aren’t quite right – Jupiter has a diameter which is 11.2 times that os Earth – but it was the best we could do.

To get the lines across Jupiter, we cut out strips of different coloured card and tissue and glued them onto Jupiter.  The tadpole-like shape you see is the Great Red Spot.

For Earth, my son cut out some little green blobs and stuck them onto the blue circle.  The white tissue at the top and bottom represent the polar ice caps.

The last of the children’s ski gear

Yesterday, the last two things I’d ordered for the children arrived.

Ski goggles for the girl and mittens for the boy
Ski goggles for the girl and mittens for the boy

My daughter chose the goggles herself (although there were only two colours to choose from – blue and pink).  The mittens were about 30 quid – last year, my son’s gloves were lost pinched at his ski school so this pair are going to be covered in name labels.  Do you think it would be overkill to sew in name tapes?  On the tag, not through the glove shell, obviously.


A couple of months ago, Knowing Kimberley had a nice post about her daughter learning to play the piano.  My son has just started piano lessons (he asked for them but children are fickle), leaving us with rather a dilemma.  You see, people who are musical tend to say that you really, really need a real piano if you want to play.  However, as we live in north London, we have no wall space for an upright and would need to get rid of a piece of furniture to fit one in.  Which would break my heart if no one ends up playing it.  Never mind the cost.  Still, he needed something to practise on.

We ended up getting this:

We bought this in the Yamaha shop in Soho
We bought this in the Yamaha shop in Soho – weighted keyboard with 88 keys

We’ve all had a go on it and have discovered that playing the piano is more difficult than it looks.  My left hand is not used to having to work particularly hard.  Plus, I am not used to having to move my hands over the keys – I played the trumpet as a child and that wasn’t a skill I needed.

So I’ve decided to get some lessons.  I’ve had a look on Gumtree, Next Door and here and have found someone who teaches part time at a school and is able to give lessons in the day at my house.

Yet more new ski gear

After my audit of the ski gear, I’ve bought some of the things on my list.

These were from VikingKids
These were from VikingKids

I ended up buying two fleeces for the boy, both from VikingKids.  They have a super annoying website but are also having a really good sale.  Problem is, you only find out something isn’t in stock when you click “add to basket” so it took a while.

The red fleece was by Reima (Finnish) and was £17.50, reduced from £28.50.  The green fleece was by Isbjorn (Swedish) and was £24.50, reduced from £44.50.  The red is slightly thicker than the green but neither are as thick as the fleeces that came inside the Muddy Puddles coats (they don’t sell the ski jackets with the zip in fleeces any more, which is a pity).  However, I’m sure they’ll be fine for skiing.  I bought them for height 122cm (age 7), which I thought would mean that he had some growing room – however, he was measured at school on Friday and is 120cm tall so I wasn’t as prudent as I’d thought.

What else did I get?  Oh yes, snow boots, more ski socks and a snood for the boy.  I didn’t bother taking a photo of those.

New dresses for the girls

Question Everything have a pretty nice sale on right now.  They aren’t very well known but are similar to the way that Ilovegorgeous used to be (also quite expensive but I only buy in the sale).  I had a present to buy for B and M’s daughter so I picked up a dress for her.

Summer Girl's Dress - I didn't want to take it out of the wrapping
Summer Girl’s Dress – I didn’t want to take it out of the wrapping

I also picked up a couple for my daughter in age 4 to 5 (so a bit too big but will last a couple of years).  The first is cotton and the second is corduroy (so one for summer and one for winter).

Dakota Girl's Dress
Dakota Girl’s Dress – for summer
Layla Girl's Dress - for winter
Layla Girl’s Dress – for winter