Coram’s Fields

Yesterday, we went to watch the fireworks at Coram’s Fields.  This is a nice spot – really close to the British Museum and actually quite big.  You can only go there if you have a child with you – they actually have someone on the door to turn away unaccompanied adults.

It was busy but not insanely so and the fireworks were at just after 5pm so really quite child friendly.

Busy but not as busy as we'd expected
Busy but not as busy as we’d expected

I didn’t take any photos of the fireworks themselves because I was holding my daughter up.  Plus, my nice camera is useless at taking photos after dark.  Plus I am useless at taking photos of fireworks.

Now that we have marked Guy Fawkes’, I can start getting interested in Christmas.

Reading for Guy Fawkes’ Night

Tonight is Guy Fawkes’ Night.  I’m not sure whether we are going to see any fireworks this year – they’re usually on after my kids’ bedtime and my daughter is possibly too little.  We’ll see.

A little while ago, I read a book about the Gunpowder Plot by Antonia Fraser.

Faith and Terror
Terror and Faith in 1605

It is a very good book – quite easy to read but not “light” so you feel smart for reading it.  It describes the plot but also goes into the history and politics of the time – something I really like about all of Antonia Fraser’s books.