Dungarees and pyjama disasters

The other week I bought myself some dungarees.  I was trying to channel my hipster but I am also realistic so I ordered them off Amazon because they were cheap.  They don’t look awful (my Mum said that they were quite flattering) but my husband said “For gardening, yeah?” when he saw them.  I mean, I wasn’t planning to wear them to the Chiltern Firehouse.  But, yeah, they were quite handy for gardening – they have a pocket at the front for me to keep my keys in and a couple of pockets at the side for my mobile to go in.


I am considering bringing them back to London so I can wear them round Shoreditch.  Then the people who actually ARE hipsters can point and laugh.

On other news – my daughter’s new summer pyjamas have holes in.  This created a lot of moth related panic – we went through the drawers to search for evidence.  However, absolutely nothing else had holes in.  Then I realised – I’d left the pyjamas on the floor in front of the washing machine, ready to go in when I had a full load.  And, because I took them off after breakfast, they would have been covered in milk and cereal.  So, my conclusion is that the bloody mice have eaten my daughter’s pyjamas.  I have a new regime where I do a wash every evening once the kids are in bed, just to avoid this happening to anything else.  It may not be terribly green but it is greener than buying a load of new clothes every time the mice do their thing.

I have another regime – we have a competition every other morning to see whether we (the kids and I) can have breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth and get our shoes on before 8am.  Once we get to September, we will need to leave the house at 8am to catch the bus to school, you see, so I don’t want to suddenly find myself with an impossible task.