W. Hoffman

The other day, we bought a new piano.  Well, it is second hand (but new to us).  From what I know about pianos, this was made by C Bechstein in Germany (before they started making these in the Czech Republic) in 2003.

W. Hoffman (built in 2003)

Since it has arrived, I have mainly been practising on it.  It does have a practise pedal so I have not tortured my neighbours too much I hope.  Plus I won’t play it after 7pm (as my children go to bed then).

I’ve now been through all the homework that my piano teacher has set me.  I hope that he is pleased with my diligence.

It’s so pretty

The men who delivered it are very skilled at moving heavy things. They said that they hadn’t had any special training but that if it hurt when they lifted something, they were doing it wrong.  They (very kindly) carried a sideboard downstairs to the basement in return for £20 – this had been in the place the piano is now in and, although I could help my husband carry it a few feet, there really was no way I could carry it downstairs safely.

We were their only piano today so they were going to sit in the pub in the sunshine as soon as they’d dropped the van back.

One advantage of getting a piano is that it’s made us have a tidy up and brief audit of all the toys and junk we have floating about.  We’ve more or less made sense of it – I still need to do a proper audit but I don’t think that’s going to happen before the Easter holidays.

Another advantage is that it has distracted me from all the dentistry that I’m still having.  Root Canal Treatment Parts 1 and 2 are now complete but my dentist is now making me a crown for the tooth.  I’m not going to go into graphic detail but it took an hour and quite a lot of (painless) drilling to make an impression of the tooth.  This has now been sent to the lab and I have a weird plastic filling in while I wait for the crown to be made.  The good news is that I’ve been told that the next bit of treatment is the last and involves no drilling whatsoever.  Woohoo!

Post skiing

We’ve been back since Sunday night and I have my final load of washing in the machine.  It’s surprising how much washing needs to be done after a ski holiday … although, really, it isn’t.  I usually do a load a day so have seven days’ worth.  Plus we wear our ski gear in the day and our normal clothes in the evenings.  So twice as much washing.  It’s quite a first world problem.

Ahhhh it was so pretty
Ahhhh it was so pretty

I had Root Canal Treatment Part 2 yesterday morning and now have a stinking cold (pretty sure the two are unconnected – it’s just a bit unfortunate).  Left hand side of my face is quite sore but it will get better.

Don't you just love the alps?
Don’t you just love the alps?


Feeling better

Having come out the other side of Root Canal Treatment Part 1, I am now feeling so much better.  You know when you don’t realise how terrible you felt  until you start getting better?  I’ve basically spent the last six weeks feeling slightly fluey but I’d assumed I was…run down?  Needed to cut back on the booze?  Perhaps this was what being 40 would be like (ugh).

Now the dentist has done his thing, I’ve stopped getting that unpleasant taste in my mouth and feel … better.  Thank God because we’re going skiing for half term.

I’ve also had all my hair cut off.  It had got quite long and whenever I combed it, it took ages because the ends had got so crunchy.  I had meant to just get an inch cut off but when I was having it washed, I randomly decided to get it cut to a jaw length bob.  I like it a lot and my husband said it looks nice.  My son HATES it and cried.  He said that he liked my hair the way it used to be.  I don’t think he approves of me changing my appearance.

My daughter, thank goodness, couldn’t give a shit what I do to my hair.  As long as I provide regular meals and snacks, let her watch Paw Patrol and murmur approving things while she does forward rolls, she will remain implacably indifferent to how I look.

I still haven’t quite managed to turn over the compost heap.  Never mind.  I’ll do it in April.

Compost bin
Compost bin

Crystal trees

Sorry I haven’t been posting.  What have I been doing?  Oh yes, getting a root canal.  This was something I’d been DREADING but it was okay in the end.  I hate the sound of the drill so I listened to music on my phone and headphones (101 Running Songs if you’re interested).

It’s quite embarrassing – I was so wound up by the time my appointment came around, I ended up behaving really quite oddly once I got into the dentist’s surgery.  There wasn’t anything I could put my finger on but you KNOW when you’ve been a bit strange.  Perhaps the dentist sees this quite often.

The dentist who did it isn’t my usual dentist – they have a specialist root canal dentist.  He was very calm and seemed to have fantastic powers of concentration – I was in the chair, having full-on treatment for over an hour and a half.  And I still need to go back for Root Canal Treatment Part Two (after half term).

What else?  Ah, yep, I pulled a muscle (in my bum and thigh) which has been agony for nearly a week, particularly when I’m in bed (so am getting hardly any sleep).  When I sit still, I can feel in the muscle just above my knee twitching.  Ugh.

Plus, the antibiotics I’d had prescribed gave me galloping diarrhoea (word I have finally learned how to spell).  My Mum said that I had to eat natural yoghurt, even if I didn’t fancy it.

Overall, someone should probably just shoot me now.

This has been rather a moany post.  Sorry about that.  Here are some pictures of the crystal trees that my children have just done (they came in their Christmas stockings, originally from Tiger).

Crystal trees
Crystal trees

On a more positive note, I am LOVING the piano.  My piano teacher sets me homework and I’ve just started using the black keys (sharp / flat notes).

Swollen face

Yesterday, I woke up to a seriously swollen face – the top left hand of my cheek makes me look like a lopsided chipmunk.


I had thought that I’d just need antibiotics and that I’d had an ulcer that had got infected.  Unfortunately, the dentist had a look, took another X-ray (I’d had one at my check up last week but then, of course, I felt absolutely fine) and did this horrid thing where he made all my teeth cold to check that they still have feeling.  The X-ray didn’t reveal anything very interesting but the overall result is that I need a … root canal <“shudders”>.

I have been prescribed some antibiotics for my swollen face so that should clear up soon.

I don’t much like going to the dentist.  It makes me feel sweaty and anxious even thinking about it.  Even though I KNOW that this bunch know what they are doing.

I have an appointment with the root canal specialist a week on Friday.  It is an hour and a half long, which terrifies me.  I know that there are people who are far worse off than I am.  I mean, there are people in war zones.  People who couldn’t afford the cost of the root canal (I have insurance, thank goodness).

I still feel rather sorry for myself.

More clothes for the boy

So I have cheered up a bit now.  On Monday night, my son was really quite poorly and demanded that I stay in his room.  Which I did, it is nice to be wanted.

A few positives:

  1. I went to the hygienist yesterday and she said that I am doing a better job of cleaning my teeth than usual.  I have swapped to her recommended brand of toothpaste and she is moderately pleased with me (she is hard to impress).  I still need to do a better job of the back teeth but overall, it was positive.  Plus she said she liked my pink coat.
  2. After the hygienist, I popped into St Paul’s Cathedral and had a little wander around.  I’d forgotten that Nelson and Wellington were buried there.
  3. We’ve booked next year’s ski holiday!  We are going to Meribel and I am very excited.  It will be the first year that my daughter will be old enough to go to ski school.
  4. On the way home (I walked half the way, good for my step count), I passed this sign:

    Do you think many people start fighting at this building site?
    Do you think many people start fighting at this building site?
  5. I’ve started buying the kids’ clothes for summer.  I asked the people on Mumsnet whether there are any discount codes going for Landsend and ended up with 25% off.  Yay!  I need to do a cull of the boy’s clothes – half his trousers are in rags.
Summer trousers and polo shirts
Summer trousers and polo shirts
T shirts
T shirts

Dental hygienist

Yesterday, I had an appointment with the dental hygienist.

My dentist is on Cornhill
My dentist is on Cornhill

Now, I am really quite frightened of going to both the dentist and the hygienist despite both being really nice and good at what they do.  In fact, my hygienist, seeing that I was rigid with tension in the chair, suggested that when she does her thing, I listen to some loud music on headphones to distract me.  It isn’t the pain (although clearly I don’t like that), it’s the sound – it reminds me of polystyrene being rubbed against a blackboard.

Anyway, the lovely hygienist was not terribly pleased with me.  She said that I need to spend more time brushing my teeth, avoid drinking diet coke and switch my brand of toothpaste.  Which is a shame as I hate the taste of most toothpastes but I suppose I will have to adjust.  Apparently, my enamel is getting very thin.  Drinking alcohol doesn’t help either.  Ugh.

This is what I have to use instead
This is what I have to use instead

Anyway, I can totally recommend my dentist.  They are not cheap but they are painless.  Also, they are right next to the Bank of England so you can do some sightseeing afterwards.