Apple tree and the compost bin

Apple tree

Our apple tree is covered in apples.  Most are looking super but a few are rotting on the stems.  Those tend to have holes where wasps can get at the delicious contents.

Like this

If I were a better, more committed apple grower, I would thin them out.  But I’m not so I haven’t.

There are loads

Those that have ended up on the ground have started to wreck the grass so I’ve been putting those in the compost bins.

I don’t know what that white bloom on the skin is – probably mould of some sort

The compost bins are now looking pretty good.  Mine has loads of compost and compost worms (the wriggly, red ones).  I gave it a stir the other day, which was most satisfying.  Perhaps I’ll actually put some of the compost from it down onto the garden.

Here it is
Here’s my husband’s dalek – with loads of apples

Stirring the compost heap

One job I did get done was giving the compost heap A Good Stir.  It took a bit of hefting about with a garden fork but I’m pleased I did it.

The compost heap after stirring
The compost heap after stirring

There are lots of worms in there and, actually, quite a lot of compost.  Most things have rotted down nicely (although not the angelica stalks – perhaps I should pull those out).

Now that things should be getting warmer, I hope that everything will rot down pretty quickly.  I haven’t actually used any of the compost from my compost heap yet so perhaps I should do that this year.

Feeling better

Having come out the other side of Root Canal Treatment Part 1, I am now feeling so much better.  You know when you don’t realise how terrible you felt  until you start getting better?  I’ve basically spent the last six weeks feeling slightly fluey but I’d assumed I was…run down?  Needed to cut back on the booze?  Perhaps this was what being 40 would be like (ugh).

Now the dentist has done his thing, I’ve stopped getting that unpleasant taste in my mouth and feel … better.  Thank God because we’re going skiing for half term.

I’ve also had all my hair cut off.  It had got quite long and whenever I combed it, it took ages because the ends had got so crunchy.  I had meant to just get an inch cut off but when I was having it washed, I randomly decided to get it cut to a jaw length bob.  I like it a lot and my husband said it looks nice.  My son HATES it and cried.  He said that he liked my hair the way it used to be.  I don’t think he approves of me changing my appearance.

My daughter, thank goodness, couldn’t give a shit what I do to my hair.  As long as I provide regular meals and snacks, let her watch Paw Patrol and murmur approving things while she does forward rolls, she will remain implacably indifferent to how I look.

I still haven’t quite managed to turn over the compost heap.  Never mind.  I’ll do it in April.

Compost bin
Compost bin

Compost bin at the end of November

The pumpkins have rotted down nicely and I ended up putting a load of leaves that I picked out the herb patch into the compost bin.  They’ll need a few green things on top but that should be okay.

Compost bin.
Compost bin

It’s unlikely that much will happen to the compost over the next few days / weeks.  I am told (by my Mum) that it is going to be cold this week.  I’ve had a look at the BBC weather app and today it is meant to be 0C (32F) at 9am in London and tomorrow it is meant to be -3C (27F) at 9am.  Woohoo!  The new down parka was not a total waste of money!

It is also going to be cold in the IoW but it isn’t going to get below freezing (because it almost never does here).

Compost bin at the start of November

I hope that my compost bin will benefit from all the pumpkin innards that have gone in there.  My Mum often mentions how disgusting she finds the inside of pumpkins and I have noticed a sort of gassy smell.  Plus handling all those stringy bits is a bit gross.

Compost bin with pumpkin insides added
Compost bin with pumpkin insides added

I’ll try to give my compost bin a stir before the end of the week, before I add the hollowed out pumpkins.