Measuring our feet at home

The other day I ordered a foot measurer from Clark’s, via Amazon.  This was my husband’s idea – he is rather horrified by the price of children’s shoes and wants us to measure the children’s feet at home and then order last season’s shoes online (probably through EBay).

Here is my foot

It goes from a UK size 10 (kid’s) to a size 10 (adult’s).  According to the instructions, you enter your numbers into the “sizecalculator” section of the Clark’s website and it will give your or your child’s size.  Except typing that in leads to here, which seems to give almost no information on widths.  My feet are about 24 cm long, which gives a shoe size of 5.5 – except they are also 21 cm wide so a UK 5.5 would be agony.  I usually wear either a UK 6.5 or 7.

I am loathe to describe this as a not very useful purchase.  So I will measure the boy’s feet at the end of the summer (my daughter wears a UK size 8 so it is too small for her).  And then I’ll take him to a normal shoe shop to get measured by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Yet more shoes for the children

So on Monday, I had a most efficient day.  It was the first day back from our holiday and I:

  • replied to a few emails and sent some others;
  • paid a few bills;
  • took the children to the dentist;
  • took the children to the park; unpacked all the children’s clothes from holiday;
  • put all the new school uniform in drawers / wardrobe / haversack; and
  • bought both children new shoes.

I know that I’d already bought my son school and games shoes but I realised that he was going to need some for the weekend and holidays.

Here they are
Here they are

My daughter has had great wear from her silver sandals this summer but once it is cold and raining, she is going to need some closed shoes.

Like these
Like these

I know that my daughter’s shoes are really rather girly.  However – she is a girl.  She was pleased with them.  Plus silver seems to go with everything she wears – perhaps it could be classed as a neutral?

Kids’ sandals

The other day, I took my daughter to the shoe shop.  Her feet haven’t grown but, as it’s been so warm, I bought her some off-road sandals.  She was very pleased with them – you can’t tell all that well but they are somewhere between white and silver.

My daughter's sandals
My daughter’s sandals

I’m trying to convince my son to come to the shoe shop to get his feet measured.  He isn’t as enthusiastic as my daughter.  In theory, he could also do with some off-road sandals but I bought some for him last year and he refused to ever wear them.  At that price, I found this rather heartbreaking.

I am rather tempted by these Landsend sandals too.  If my son would only let me get his feet measured, I could order him some in “deep sea”.

Shoe shopping for kids

Yesterday I took my kids to the shoe shop to get measured (I do this every month).  This month, both sets of feet had grown so both kids got new shoes.  The trick with kids’ shoes is to find some that are tacky enough to please the kid but tasteful enough for me not to recoil in disgust.  It is a fine line.

My son's new shoes
My son’s new shoes. They will make him easy to spot
My daughter's new shoes
My daughter’s new shoes

On the way there, the kids stopped to say hello to a policeman.  This would usually be super except at that precise moment, he was making a Rastafarian in an ancient, clapped out Honda show him the contents of his boot.  He was very gracious about it though.

Buying kids’ shoes

I take my kids to the shoe shop every month – usually, their feet haven’t grown but sometimes they will have gone up a whole size.  Now, I’ve been taking my son but his feet just haven’t been growing so there hasn’t been a need to get him new shoes – until now, as his shoes actually had proper holes in and were letting in water.  So yesterday afternoon, we went along and got him measured (half a size up) and got him to try on some shoes.  This is occasionally tricky – basically he wants exactly the shoes he has only slightly bigger and without holes.  This is rarely available so to begin with it is a delicate process of encouraging him to walk around the shop wearing a different pair of shoes until he decides he is happy and tells you so.

He was so pleased with these, he refused to take them off
He was so pleased with these, he refused to take them off

We go to Jimmy’s Shoes on the Essex Road.  The staff are SUPER with children and they have some great adult shoes as well.

The shoes have flashing lights (perhaps a bit vulgar but my son loves them and they are great for spotting him in the dark).

Here they are
Here they are

Recently I also bought my daughter some new boots.  It isn’t really cold enough yet but I hope they will replace a pair of shoes that my daughter loves but are too small (I’m going to have to lose those, I think).  They look great with tights and leggings.

New boots
New boots

I also bought my daughter some slippers (which are not actually slippers but she doesn’t mind).  These were a BARGAIN – about £6 from Amazon.

New "slippers"
New “slippers”
The shoes I'm replacing - these are just plain too small (plus not suitable for winter)
The shoes I’m replacing – these are just plain too small (plus not suitable for winter)

After the shoe shop, we went to the playground for a few minutes.  My son told several people that he had new shoes so he was clearly pleased with them.  Good thing as they were £50.