Children’s clothes for Autumn

Now that the children have gone back to school and nursery school, I’ve done a bit of a cull of their clothes.  There’s stuff that was super and worn all the time but is now too short and tight.  So off to Save the Children with those things.

Last winter, my daughter got a lot of wear out of a couple dungaree dresses that my friend M kindly passed on.  Because she wore a long sleeved top and tights or leggings underneath, they were warm enough but also fulfilled my daughter’s constant want to wear a dress, regardless of how utterly freezing it is outside.  Plus, unless it is really soiled, denim doesn’t have to washed every time it is worn.

On the left is a dungaree dress from Boden, on the right is a pinafore dress from a place in Brighton called Toby Tiger.  I’d never heard of them but my friend N mentioned them and they look like the sort of thing I really like.

Dungaree and pinafore dress

I ordered a bunch of pointelle tops from Boden, along with a (reduced) top from Toby Tiger.

The cream top is from Next, the one with the apple is from Toby Tiger, the rest are from Boden

I don’t usually look at JoJo Maman Bebe but the other day I noticed a little girl wearing one of their dresses so I bought one for my daughter.

Mulberry cord pinafore dress and stripy dress

I love this cardigan.


My daughter’s leggings are getting a bit short so I’ve also got a few more in the next size up.  These were about £4 each from Next.


My son actually had a quite a lot for Autumn already (plus he wears school uniform for most of the time).  I did get him these tops from Frugi.


Last month a company I used to buy a few things from, LoveItLoveItLoveIt, closed down.  The lady who ran it said she hadn’t been enjoying it for a while and now is quite unwell so isn’t trading any more.


Name tapes

It is that time of year again – the time to order new uniform for the next school year and sew name tapes into it all when it arrives.  Logo’d stuff comes from the school supplier.

The sewing kit comes out once a year

In the past I’ve bought shorts and trousers from them as well but, although they look good, the hems come down really quickly (infuriating) and they’re relatively expensive.  So this year I bought a load of shorts and trousers from M&S – because they were on sale – and then found that it was all stiff and shiny.  So back it went.

I then tried John Lewis, which was a bit more expensive but at least the stuff looked okay.

So far, I’ve sewed name tapes onto:

  • two pairs of swimming shorts;
  • two pairs of school shorts;
  • two pairs of school trousers (one age 6, the other age 7);
  • one school jumper; and
  • three school polo shirts.

My son will also have to wear a swimming hat but as this is silicon, there’s no way I can sew a label onto it.  My husband’s mum suggested I paint his initials onto it with nail varnish which is a terrific idea.  I’ll have to see whether I have any nail varnish that is not extremely expensive (waste) and is not pink (he’ll moan if his initials are pink).  Or I may have to resign myself to having to get a new one whenever he loses it.

Looking through his uniform, he still needs two more pairs of age 6 trousers, another school jumper (he has two from this year but one is getting really short and the other is covered in a weird red stain that won’t fade – think it must have been washed with a bleach cloth) and a swimming towel.  All of which have been ordered.

One (not very serious) problem I have is that there are now three pairs of faded, too-small trousers, one pair of too-small shorts and a couple of school jumpers that are no longer needed.  What do I do with them?  There is a second hand uniform sale on at the school every so often so perhaps one of the jumpers and the pair of shorts could go to that.  However, I can’t send in faded, hem-drooping trousers and a jumper with a stain.  It feels shameful to put them in the bin but I can’t see that any charity shop will want them either.  Plus, do I have to cut the name tapes off?  I have no idea.

Pottering about and fancy children’s clothes

Now that we have no visitors, we aren’t really achieving anything.  My son didn’t even get dressed the day before yesterday (although we did find both my children sitting in the front of my car in the garage, pretending to drive to “emergencies”).  I have done my music theory homework and practised the piano.


My husband is not being lazy, he has a gardening project that I am not involved in.

While they were here, one of my guests mentioned a place that sells awesome party dresses for little girls.  They are called Tutu Du Monde.  I have had a most enjoyable browse through the website but am not going to buy anything from it:

  1. Their dresses are $180 / $200 EACH and all require dry cleaning.  My daughter is not getting a dress that is more expensive than almost anything I wear;
  2. She will slop chocolate ice cream on it and then she (and I) will CRY; and
  3. She already has quite a few dresses.  Plus my husband would be horrified.

However, if you like looking at incredibly expensive children’s clothes, go and check these guys out.

Children’s wardrobe staples

Now that it is Spring and I’ve had a clear out of the children’s wardrobes, I thought it was probably time to stock up on some of the things that they wear most often.

My son, in fact, had lots to wear (mostly from Landsend) so I haven’t bought anything new for him.  This T shirt doesn’t count as it was back ordered as part of a shop last month.  He had an anglerfish T shirt last year which is now miles too small – however, he still asks for it so here is its replacement.

Anglerfish T shirt

I bought a few things for my daughter.  She is still wearing age 2 leggings and some of them are starting to look a bit washed out.  So I got her a bunch of age 3 ones.

Leggings from Next

There are a lot of things that Next do that I don’t like – basically anything with writing on the front.  However, from time to time, they do some nice, basic stuff.  So that is what I bought.

Denim dress and white cotton top from Next

My daughter also really likes the short sleeved pointelle T shirts from Boden. I bought three of those in the sale.  I also bought a “skort”, which seems to be a skirt with shorts underneath.  She will either LOVE it or find it annoying.

Boden haul

Lastly, she appears to have lost a really thin fleece, which was a super useful bit of kit and which used to belong to my son.  I have looked and looked for it (and got quite ratty while doing so) and it was nowhere to be seen – it’s probably under a hedge.  So I ordered these.

Didriksons monte fleece

The dark lilac was available in height 100cm but they’d run out of the 110cm ones so I bought the pink billow in that size.  The 110 one is being returned – although it is quite pretty, my daughter will cover anything that pale in spaghetti sauce and it will spend its life in the wash.  When she needs it, I’ll get her a 110 cm one in a plain, dark colour.

Packable PrimaLoft Jacket from Landsend

The other day, I noticed that my son’s (non school) jacket was looking a bit short.  So I ordered another one in the next size up.

This one

It was £40, which does seem really expensive – I often think that somewhere other than Landsend must do something very similar for far less.  Maybe Uniqlo?  However, the thing is, this jacket is exactly right.  In the past, it has been listed on the website as suitable down to 5C, provided that it is worn with a typical winter wardrobe.  It is reasonably loose so my son can wear a fleece or jumper underneath.  Plus, he likes the colour.

Meh.  It’s the item of clothing that gets the most wear (apart from shoes and school uniform) so it’s worth getting the version that the boy likes.

I had a discount code so that I got a tenner off an orders over £40.  I ended up getting this henley top at the same time (so it was free, more or less).

My daughter also wears a girl’s version of this jacket – thankfully her jacket still fits her fine.

Wild and Gorgeous

A few days ago, I mentioned the Wild & Gorgeous sale.  The stuff has arrived and it hasn’t disappointed.  My daughter went a bit mad with joy when she saw it, tried it all on and danced round the room wearing it.  So that’s a hit.

I do have to point out (as, if you are interested enough to click on the website link, you’ll probably be horrified at the prices.  Particularly if you are (1) my Mum or (2) one of her friends), I got this stuff in the outlet sale (up to 80% off).  I don’t pay full price, partly because if I did and my daughter slopped her dinner down a £100 frock, I would cry.  Also, my husband would be so cross if I spent hundreds on poncy clothes for a three year old.

One maddening result of the sale being over is that I can’t now go back and check out how much each thing was originally and then BRAG about how I AM SUCH A CHEAP DATE REALLY.

Dragon jacket and roller dungaree dress – £24 and £27.60
Dragon on the back of the jacket
Rising Sun T shirt (£5), Peking Top (£13.50), Diamond Jewel Cardigan (£13) and Stripe Sweatshirt (£16.50)

I know that the Rising Sun T shirt was £25 originally and the jacket was definitely about £100.  The cardigans that they have now (similar to the one I bought) are £39.  I can’t remember how much the other two things I bought were originally BUT I BET IT WAS A LOT MORE THAN I PAID.

Landsend haul

The other day I went through my children’s clothes and pulled out a load of stuff that doesn’t fit them anymore (Spring cleaning).  It’s gone to Save the Children, leaving my son a bit short of shorts and T shirts.  So I ended up going to Landsend and buying these.

T shirt and polo shirts
T shirt and polo shirts

They may be a little too bright for my son’s taste but he isn’t really ALL THAT bothered and they’ll fade a bit in the wash.

Iron knee trousers, shorts and T shirt
Iron knee trousers, shorts and T shirt

I absolutely love the iron knee trousers that Landsend sell – they’re comfy and still look reasonably smart.  The shorts and T shirt were in the clearance section so were reasonably cheap.  I also had a discount code so got £10 off.

Speaking of discounts, Wild & Gorgeous (a shop I rarely buy from as it is so damn expensive) are having quite an exciting sale.  Their outlet section (so last season’s stock) is going for Next prices.  I’ve ordered my niece’s birthday present (a dress that was originally £75 but is now £22.50) and a few things for my daughter.