My “Japanese” garden

I have a patch of garden that is more or less always in the shade (apart from noon in the middle of summer).  I wasn’t sure what to do with it but planted acers, heucheras, tiarella and heucherella.  I also planted a quince tree but it seems to have died, more or less.

"Japanese" garden
“Japanese” garden

I ended up planting a load of the violets here – they need some light in winter and spring but shade in summer.  As it is under a deciduous tree, this seems as good a place as any to plant them.

While I was working, a cheerful bumblebee buzzed round.  I think it liked the blossom.

One good thing about doing a bit of planting is it gives you a chance / reason to do some weeding.  I know this bed is quite weedy but I don’t like using chemicals in my garden and tend to leave weeds that I find attractive alone. My gardener once suggested that I put white gravel down to surpress the weeds but I know my children would chuck it about and it would drive me crackers.  Plus, having soil gives me a chance to sneak yet more plants in.

Blossom over the "Japanese" garden
Blossom over the “Japanese” garden