Riding boots

My sister in law was wearing these marvellous riding boots at Christmas (she, unlike me, actually has a horse so they are Proper Ones).

Riding boots
Riding boots

I ended up googling them and then ordering them from a place called Satin Stitch Equestrian.  I ordered them on Boxing Day but hadn’t taken into account that this place is not Amazon so the boots only got dispatched on 8 January (meaning I wasn’t in the IoW to collect them).  All was well, however – my husband’s parents went and got them from the Post Office.

They are pretty comfy.  I have an old pair of brown leather boots which are meant to look like riding boots but which have entirely fallen apart around the heel so I hope these will be more long lasting.  I wore them for a long tramp around the grounds at Osborne House on their first day and they kept me warm.


Our local Boots (the one at Angel) has been expanded – the Burger King shut down and they took it over.  It took YEARS but now it’s done it looks great.  I was technically in there to look at new toothbrushes but I went and had a little looky look at the Clinique stuff.

Now, I used to have a sheer lipstick by them called Sweet Honey – however that was about 15 years ago and it’s been discontinued (the nice lady had never even heard of it – I am old).

Violet Berry Soft Shine
Violet Berry Soft Shine – it’s nowhere near as dark as it looks here

Now, I don’t like proper lipstick – too claggy – and I have a special hatred for lipgloss (ugh).  This sheer stuff is pretty nice though.  The nice lady was helpful and pointed out that the colour I’d tried just before this one was exactly the same as my natural lip colour.  It was but as I was tired / still a bit poorly / bad tempered, my lips were much paler than usual and the overall effect was a bit too light (I don’t really suit dark eye make up and light lipstick, mainly because I have small piggy eyes).

I like this colour a lot – it’s a bit more subtle than the lip stain I’ve been wearing.

Hard to get hold of cosmetics

There’s something about cosmetics that are hard to get hold of.  I remember being 15 and getting the train up to London with my friend Jo so that we could go to Harvey Nichols to buy cosmetics from MAC (which we pronounced Em A See) and make up brushes from Shu Uemura.  Now, in those days, make up stands were manned by one bored looking woman with some much gunk on her face you had no idea whether she was attractive.  MAC’s stand, however, had loads of people – some of whom didn’t seem to wear any make up.  And you had to queue to buy stuff from them.  They took their sweet time serving you, they weren’t in any rush.  For some reason, this made us more likely to want to buy from them.  Also, my Mum once saw someone famous there but, being 15, I had no idea who this person was.

A few years ago, I had something similar.  Bobbi Brown were selling an eyeshadow compact that was basically a bunch of shades of brown (think it was called “chocolate”).  Except they ran out within days and so no one had any.  I ended up putting my name down with the lady at the Bobbi Brown stand in Debenhams so that, should they get any more, I would be called.  And one day I was – except it was a busy work day.  I told the lady that I would be in at lunchtime and eventually got there at 2pm to be told that they didn’t have any left.  Argh!  Except they did and she ended up allowing me to buy it.

Here it is
Here it is

I still use it – eyeshadow doesn’t go off.  I have been told that brown eyeshadow is “over” – not for me it isn’t.  Anyway, it is in make up producer’s interest to sell us new colours.  If we all carried on bunging on shades of beigey brown, they would go out of business.

Today, I went to Westfield Stratford to try to get hold of Indeed Labs hydraluron serum which I had read about in The Pool.  Except I couldn’t.  Although Boots had said that they had it in the store, they didn’t and the two ladies I spoke with said the entire store had been reorganised and they no longer knew where anything was.  Which was irritating but you know that I am loathe to get shirty with people who work in shops – it is hardly ever that particular person’s fault that head office have decided to muck you about.  I would order it and have it delivered to the Boots nearer me but I am now tempted to put it on my “ideas for Christmas” list.  It’s about the right price and this morning my Mum was saying that she wanted some ideas.  Even though we haven’t had bloody Guy Fawkes’ night yet.

The shops have got their Christmas decorations out and it's giving people ideas
The shops have got their Christmas decorations out and it’s giving people ideas

I did end up buying some BB cream from the helpful Estee Lauder lady who told me that I definitely need the “light” colour.  This comes in a few colours, you see, but not as many as “proper” foundation.  I’m a bit blotchy and spotty right now so maybe this will help.

BB cream - the tube is nice and small
BB cream – the tube is nice and small

I also ended up popping into a place called Khaadi, which is somewhere I wouldn’t normally go into (it sells a lot of Shalwar Kameez) but noticed that they had some lovely scarves.  This one was 30% off, making it less than a tenner.  They were all brilliant colours and looked far more expensive than they were.  I tried on one with an amazing Japanese print which was awesome except I am far too sallow to have anything beige next to my face.

New scarf - less than a tenner
New scarf – less than a tenner

My daughter was very impressed with it and ran around the house with it on so that is a hit, with her at least.