I’m watching the Election 2017 right now – I won’t comment on it here because whatever I write will be wrong, wrong, wrong by the time you read it. Instead, I thought I’d mention how nice the lavender outside St Paul’s Cathedral is looking.

The lavender outside St Paul’s Cathedral has started to flower

The gardeners have been doing quite a bit of new planting.  I’m sure it will look brilliant once it gets started.

Like this

A bit off topic but I’ve just read a super book, “Only Ever Yours” by Louise O’Neill.  It was recommended by someone on Mumsnet – she did tell me that it makes The Handmaid’s Tale look like something out of Disney.  It has a terrible title but basically it is fairly dark Sci Fi.  Someone else said that we should all make our teenage daughters read it but I’m not certain that I would want my daughter to read something so unpleasant.  In any case, she is three so we have a bit of time to go.

Project X Alien Adventures Series 3

Earlier this year, I bought the Project X Alien Adventures (series 1 and 2) books, which my son LOVES.  His teacher has also told me that she is thrilled with his progress in reading so, frankly, it was one of the best £30 I’ve ever spent.

Recently, he has been fretting that, at some point, he will finish series 2 and have no more books to read.  Now, he does have plenty to read but all the same I’ve been looking for series 3.  Which doesn’t exist.  The Book People have told me that they have no plans to stock series 3 and the kind man from the Oxford University Press said that the easiest thing to do is to order the three sets of level 15/16, 17/18 and 19/20 books (8 books in each set so 24 in total) – if I order the three sets in one go, he will give me 20% off.  However, even with the discount, it will still be about £160 which does seem a bit heartbreaking.

Perhaps I’ll wait until he actually finishes series 2 before I start thinking of getting series 3.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

I’ve just read this book.  I’d been put off it by the title but actually it was very good.  It is a pretty easy read – I started it on Monday and finished it on Tuesday.  I did find one review of it which said “This is the most disassociating book I’ve ever read. Try to read it all in one sitting — it will totally fuck with your head and make you forget how to be normal.”  And I did rather see their point.

Crooked Heart

I’ve just read Crooked Heart, which was very good indeed.  We’d agreed to read it for my book club and I’d been quite put off by the title – it sounds like some horrible “women’s genre” novel.  However, the book itself was terrific and I recommend it.  It is possible that the author didn’t get to choose the title and it was foisted upon her by her publisher.

Reading materials

Now that my son is halfway through the Planet Exis series (basically a set of Sci Fi books for young children), I’ve been looking out for some other things he might enjoy.  I ended up getting a couple of recommendations on Mumsnet – Beast Quest and Dirty Bertie.

Beast Quest

They don’t look very “worthy” but perhaps that doesn’t matter just yet.

Although, there was a thing in the Sunday Times about how the head of Kings College Wimbledon has banned books that he thinks are crappy from the school library and has put 300 books in each year 7 classroom.  I had a google and they actually have a list of books that they recommend to the boys (aged between 11 and 13).  Having a look through it, I am rather wreathed in shame – I thought I was well read but perhaps not as well read as these boys who have only just entered their teens.  Perhaps I’ll start reading from that list.  Just as soon as I finish Fatherland.