Children’s clothes for Autumn

Now that the children have gone back to school and nursery school, I’ve done a bit of a cull of their clothes.  There’s stuff that was super and worn all the time but is now too short and tight.  So off to Save the Children with those things.

Last winter, my daughter got a lot of wear out of a couple dungaree dresses that my friend M kindly passed on.  Because she wore a long sleeved top and tights or leggings underneath, they were warm enough but also fulfilled my daughter’s constant want to wear a dress, regardless of how utterly freezing it is outside.  Plus, unless it is really soiled, denim doesn’t have to washed every time it is worn.

On the left is a dungaree dress from Boden, on the right is a pinafore dress from a place in Brighton called Toby Tiger.  I’d never heard of them but my friend N mentioned them and they look like the sort of thing I really like.

Dungaree and pinafore dress

I ordered a bunch of pointelle tops from Boden, along with a (reduced) top from Toby Tiger.

The cream top is from Next, the one with the apple is from Toby Tiger, the rest are from Boden

I don’t usually look at JoJo Maman Bebe but the other day I noticed a little girl wearing one of their dresses so I bought one for my daughter.

Mulberry cord pinafore dress and stripy dress

I love this cardigan.


My daughter’s leggings are getting a bit short so I’ve also got a few more in the next size up.  These were about £4 each from Next.


My son actually had a quite a lot for Autumn already (plus he wears school uniform for most of the time).  I did get him these tops from Frugi.


Last month a company I used to buy a few things from, LoveItLoveItLoveIt, closed down.  The lady who ran it said she hadn’t been enjoying it for a while and now is quite unwell so isn’t trading any more.


New clothes for the girl

Boden have been having a sale and I ended up buying this top and trousers for my daughter from their clearance section.

T shirt and jodhpurs
T shirt and jodhpurs

The jodhpurs were £7.80 (originally £19.50) and the T shirt was £4.35 (originally £14.50).  There is some nice stuff in the clearance section but it is mainly for ages 11+ (stuff that would be super on my three year old but that few thirteen year olds would willingly wear).

Reduced Boden tops for the girl

I’ve noticed that some of my daughter’s T shirts are looking a bit small – to be fair, they are age two and she has now turned three.  I ended up buying these, which were both reduced.

Lifecycle of the frog - in sequins!
Lifecycle of the frog – in sequins!
Rainbow sleeves - I'd thought about buying this during the summer but decided it was too expensive at the time
Rainbow sleeves – I’d thought about buying this during the summer but decided it was too expensive at the time

She got rather excited when she saw them and spent ages prodding the sequins on the frog top.  I know that they are short sleeved but she has about eight cardigans so I think she will be warm enough.

Speaking of Boden, I have discovered something called Easyfundraising.  Basically, you register with them and specify a cause and every time you shop with Boden, The White Company, Woolovers, John Lewis, Waitrose, Ocado, Hush etc. the company you are buying from also donates to the cause you have specified.  So far I have raised £5.72 for my chosen cause.

New cardigans

As a result of my clothes cull, I’ve realised that I could use a new purple, cashmere cardigan.  I know that sounds rather specific but I’ve had one that I’ve worn to death for the last few years and it goes with loads of things I wear.  Unfortunately, it now has a massive hole in the elbow so I can’t wear it for anything smart.  I also keep forgetting about the hole and wearing it anyway – so it has to go in the bin.  I am too old to go around in raggy, holey clothes.

I got the original cardigan from Boden but their current ones are £100 each, which is a bit painful.  Plus they don’t have one in the correct shade of purple.

In the end, I ordered a cashmere and merino blend one from Woolover – well, two actually.  They had them at half price (£20 each) so I ordered them in blueberry (purple) and burgundy (dark red).


I know that Woolovers is meant to be for older women but these were actually pretty nice.  And a BARGAIN.  I think the burgundy one is probably slightly more flattering but both are good.


So, in the bin the old, holey one goes.  It was great while it lasted but its time has passed.

Pyjamas etc for the children – and a couple of things for me

Ages ago, I ordered a few things from Boden for the children (and for me) for Autumn.  Anyway, they’ve just arrived.

Planck and velour dress for the girl - for when it gets colder
Planck and velour dress for the girl – for when it gets colder
Tunic for me - I loved this out the packet but it made me look like a pig going to market on - it's going back
Tunic for me – I loved this out the packet but it made me look like a pig going to market on – it’s going back
Dress - this looked TERRIBLE out the packet but looked terrific on. I'm keeping this
Dress – this looked TERRIBLE out the packet but looked terrific on. I’m keeping this

I also bought some pyjamas for the children from John Lewis.  They have quite a few pairs of pyjamas but will need some long sleeved ones when it gets colder.  I bought them big (age 7 for the boy, age 3 for the girl) so they should last a while.

Space pyjamas for the boy
Space pyjamas for the boy
Rabbit pyjamas for the girl
Rabbit pyjamas for the girl

Buying multiples

Yet another parcel from Boden arrived on Saturday.  I know that I am a dull woman – I bought yet another long Breton top (this time in olive!) and some more black leggings.  In my defense, I wear leggings nearly all the time (when it isn’t utterly roasting) and some of mine are getting very ropey.

Yes, it IS that same top - this time in olive
Yes, it IS that same top – this time in olive

I do think that when you find a piece of clothing you really like, you should buy it in every colour.  I have an ex work dress (still gets worn sometimes) in grey, navy and green – and it’s great!  Shove a black cardigan on over the grey and the green one and you have something formal enough to wear to a non work meeting.  The navy used to look great with a purple cardigan, which now has a massive hole in the elbow so needs to be replaced.  Bloody shame that, I loved that cardigan.

The Pool has a marvellous article about how September is the best time to make new resolutions and just get some stuff done.  I need to sort out my clothes, binning any woollen stuff that has hideous motels in it (no matter how much I used to love it) and eliminating stuff that just isn’t wearable any more (either due to fatness or fadedness).  I need to go through all the kids’  clothes I shoved in a box when they outgrew them.  I need to sort through the hideous shoe collection (both mine and the kids’), sort through the wellies and sort through the toys.  I need to be brutal.

My husband has got the same idea, I think.  He has reorganised the bottom tow floors of our house and has removed our coffee table.  I had thought “Ugh! Where do I put coffee now?” But in fact it is better – the coffee table tended to collect piles of post (opened and unopened), magazine and a load of other detritus.  As a result, the kids seem more willing to hang out in the living room.  I am starting to see the appeal of minimalism.

Autumn Landsend catalogue

A couple of days ago, the Landsend catalogue arrived.

Landsend catalogue
Landsend catalogue

I like Landsend – my friend M (who went to university in New England) described it as “preppy, American clothes” – which is fine by me.  I think it has a similar niche as Boden – only the kids’ stuff washes better and is slightly less identifiable.  It is expensive though – it makes Boden look rather a bargain – so I nearly always buy from their sale range.

Catalogues nearly always look wonderful in Autumn.  I think it is all the pictures of the leaves changing colour.