Barnyard and James Bond

Today, we went to Barnyard for lunch.  This is an interesting place which I’d never been to, although my husband had.  They now take bookings (they have an area at the back) so you don’t have to wait unless you want to.


Inside it is quite rustic and my husband sat on a barrel (which he said was comfortable).  The staff all have beards and man buns so I think they could comfortably be described as hipsters, although this covers waiting staff all over London.  Basically, it is not a super corporate place.  It also has terrible mobile reception which stops people from shrieking into their mobiles throughout dinner but also meant I had to go outside to call my nanny.  I’ll live.


We had some cornbread to graze on then shared chicken wings (delicious – with paprika and lemon) and potted shrimp.  Both were terrific but the chicken wings were more filling.  I do have a thing about shellfish – I love it but if I order it then I have to finish every last bit, otherwise it’s a life wasted.

For our main courses, we shared beef on toast and the black pudding with bubble & squeak, bacon and a duck egg.  Both were great but the black pudding was definitely better (in my opinion).  I had a couple of bottles of Camden Hells Lager which I felt okay with as I went for a run this morning (which I won’t bore you with).

I sat next to a woman who my husband swore was a friend of a friend of his and said we’d been out to Ronnie Scott’s with her, about three years ago.  We did some furtive talking for a bit then he leant over and said Terribly sorry to bother you but you’re not a friend of SG’s, are you?  Nope, she’d never heard of the guy.  That could have been slightly embarrassing but it was okay.

Duck egg and black pudding - what's not to love?
Duck egg and black pudding – what’s not to love?

We didn’t need pudding because we had a massive dinner last night.  So we decided to see whether we could find somewhere showing the new James Bond film.  Thankfully, the Vue in Islington had a 1:50pm showing so we got there in time for the film but missed nearly all the adverts.

I won’t spoil the film by describing the plot.  There are some excellent actors in it and I think Daniel Craig is the best Bond there’s been – he does a good job of portraying the brutality of being an assassin.  It’s a real shame that this is probably his last Bond movie.  My husband told me that he got injured quite a lot on set which I don’t find surprising – by the time men are asked to play James Bond, they tend to be a bit older.

The main bond girl was a French actress who was slightly Rosamund Pikeish.  She had a really excellent blonde dye job – it made me rather reconsider my decision to leave my hair its natural colour.  In any case, perhaps she has more time to spend at the hairdresser.

My only real criticism of the film is that it’s a bit too long (two and a half hours).  By about two hours, my bum had gone to sleep.