Buying kids’ clothes in advance

Yesterday I had an email from Boden with a preview of some of the stuff they’ll be selling in January, February and March. Now, I can see that this makes good business sense for retailers – they’ll have ordered 2016’s Spring stock in Summer 2015 (or earlier) and are waiting for their warehouses to fill up.

BUT, but, but, but … it isn’t even cold yet so it feels wrong to start ordering for next Spring. My kids have SO MUCH STUFF, there’s no way they need more. So, despite the tempting 20% off with free delivery and returns, I’m going to have to pause before ordering any more.  Perhaps I’ll wait until they, you know, outgrow some of their clothes.  Or actually wear them out.*

* This does, of course, mean that when I do want to buy my kids new stuff for the Spring and Summer, I will only be able to buy ski jackets.

Online shopping for Autumn and Winter

Okay, so this is my last post before my brother’s wedding.  The Hermes delivery man turned up with a couple of things I’d ordered at Landsend.  Here they are:


It is my MISSION to find comfortable, flattering snowboots.  I have thick calves (even when I am quite thin) so I NEED zips.  Otherwise it just plain doesn’t work and I can’t hook the boots on so that I can get my heel in.  This is something I experienced quite a lot when I was trying to get a pair of Uggs (which wouldn’t work in the snow anyway).

The boots I’d ordered DO have a side zip AND are lace up so I can adjust it to fit my leg a bit better.

These were £32 in the sale AND with the extra discount code. I love the colour.
These were £32 in the sale AND with the extra discount code (reduced from £85 – so I win!). I love the colour.

I love seeing snowboots when worn with skinny jeans.  Perhaps these would also work with a longish tunic and leggings?

Long sleeved T Shirts for the boy

My son has become very interested in planets and the solar system so when I found these, I knew he would love them.  We can pretend that they are educational.

Shows the relative size of all the planets in the solar system EXCEPT Pluto which is now a planetoid I think.
Shows the relative size of all the planets in the solar system EXCEPT Pluto which is now a planetoid I think.
Shows the structure of the sun.
Shows the structure of the sun.

Shoes that go with everything

It is my brother’s wedding tomorrow so I probably won’t put up any posts this weekend.  I haven’t COMPLETELY decided what I am going to wear yet but I do have a pair of shoes that will go with any of the outfits I am considering.  Here is a picture of them.

These are made by Camper.
These are made by Camper.

I bought these a couple of months ago at Jimmy’s Shoes on the Essex Road (who don’t have a website but are amazing, particularly for kids’ shoes).  I am not very good at wearing smart shoes these days as I live in ugly off-road sandals and brightly coloured trainers.  I am wearing these right now, not so much to break them in (a bit late for that) but just to work out how likely it is that I will need blister plasters.  Seriously, they are not even high heeled.

Countries of the World

Earlier this year I discovered this quiz.

Basically, you get twelve minutes to type in as many countries as you can think of.  I had always thought I was good at geography (A* for GCSE, aren’t I clever?) but this is really quite hard.  It turns out that I can’t spell, type fast enough or even remember countries that I have actually been to.  I am such a doofus.

It revealed some surprises – Greenland is not a country in its own right. Neither is Bermuda.

This is a bit of a time suck.  If you have things you need to get on with, keep well away from it.


Yesterday I went to visit my friend Catherine at her new house. She has just done it up, and has really done the most marvellous job.  I particularly love the tiles in her kitchen and bathroom (imported from Turkey via somewhere in the US so clearly some thought went into them) and her kitchen worktop.  Now, my kitchen worktop in London is varnished wood so it looks AMAZING immediately after it’s been “done” then terrible six months later.  You can’t even put a pan down on it, seriously.  Catherine has gone for unvarnished wood, the sort that kitchen tables in farmhouses used to be made of.

While I was there, we got into a chat about politics. Catherine is a convert to Islam and is (to my way of thinking) Political. She gets involved in things, you see.  She even knows Jeremy Corbyn and in January this year was interviewed on Channel 4 news following the attack on Charlie Hebdo.

While mine and Jeremy Corbyn’s politics are not quite in line, I do agree with Catherine that his election as leader of the Labour party is really exciting.  It would be brilliant if the result is that the young and the poor start being interested in voting.  I am very in favour of voting and get quite irritable when someone moans but then says that they haven’t voted in the last election.  I mean, I know that it is up to them.  But I still get irritable.

Another thing we talked about was the radicalisation of Muslims and how keen she is to get Muslims to participate in politics.  I never feel qualified to talk (or write) about things like this; I often feel that someone else will be able to do a much better job of putting their point across.  After our conversation, it occurred to me that most people are really quite shy about getting into a  debate about anything political.  Possibly they don’t want to sound stupid.  Or possibly they don’t want to get shouted at.  Frankly, neither do I.  I even get uncomfortable watching PMQ.

One thing I have heard about Jeremy Corbyn is that he hasn’t changed his mind since 1970.  I don’t like that (and I don’t believe it is true).  As society changes, our beliefs and opinions must also change.  I hope that the decisions I make are based on the information made available to me and that, when that information changes, so do my decisions.

Having seen Catherine’s kitchen, I am considering making the decision to change our kitchen worktop to a lovely unvarnished wooden one.  This is where she got hers.

Lip enhancer

Earlier this year, I went to Space NK in search of a new lipstick. I’d cleaned out my make up bag and chucked out all the stuff that was ancient or broken. So I was allowed.

I was quite definite about what I wanted but the nice man suggested that I try this.

The holder has a dent because my mother tried to open it with pliers. We hadn't realised that you had to TWIST IT.
The holder has a dent because my mother tried to open it with pliers. We hadn’t realised that you had to TWIST IT.

I’d never heard of a lip enhancer and originally was a bit put off by the colour. However, it becomes a relatively bright pink when on (enough to know that you are wearing make up but not, like, dayglo).

I will cry when they discontinue it. Which they will.