The Tyranny of Mr Maker

The other day, my children were watching Mr Maker.  If you’ve never seen it, it’s basically a dude who goes to various places and makes different crafty things within a one minute time limit (I think it is one minute).  I am sure that he is delightful, and his job is my idea of hell, but it does mean that my son now wants to actually make the stuff featured.

We usually don’t have any of the stuff Mr Maker uses to make the things (brown paint? stick-on circles? ha, ha, ha) but some of the things can be made with a cardboard box, kitchen foil and pritt stick.

My son was pleased with this
My son was pleased with this

My husband ended up making this boat with my son and I think they were both really pleased with it.

Easter Monday

Hey all

I hope you’ve had a great Easter and haven’t been too badly bothered by Storm Katie.  We have friends staying so I’m going to take a few days off from the blog.  I’m off to jump on a giant inflatable cushion.

An armoured tank behind the Angel and a horse coming out of a building

Did you know that there is an armoured tank on Torrens Street, right behind Angel Tube Station?

Torrens Street
Torrens Street – it’s a bit weird along here
It's a TANK! What is it for?
It’s a TANK! What is it for?

While I was having a nose along there, I also noticed this golden horse coming out of the building housing the Candid Cafe (which I haven’t been to but the menu looks nice – perhaps we should try it).

Golden horse
Candid Cafe

Under The Skin

I’ve just watched “Under The Skin” (I taped it from Film 4).  I read the book in about 2000 / 2001 but found the film quite different.  It was much creepier; I think partly because of the music.  It was also really hard to follow, I wouldn’t have had a clue if I hadn’t read the book (although the plot is a bit different).

The film has been made in an interesting way but I didn’t enjoy it much.  I WOULD like to see more of Scotland though.


Buying kids’ clothes in advance

Yesterday I had an email from Boden with a preview of some of the stuff they’ll be selling in January, February and March. Now, I can see that this makes good business sense for retailers – they’ll have ordered 2016’s Spring stock in Summer 2015 (or earlier) and are waiting for their warehouses to fill up.

BUT, but, but, but … it isn’t even cold yet so it feels wrong to start ordering for next Spring. My kids have SO MUCH STUFF, there’s no way they need more. So, despite the tempting 20% off with free delivery and returns, I’m going to have to pause before ordering any more.  Perhaps I’ll wait until they, you know, outgrow some of their clothes.  Or actually wear them out.*

* This does, of course, mean that when I do want to buy my kids new stuff for the Spring and Summer, I will only be able to buy ski jackets.

Online shopping for Autumn and Winter

Okay, so this is my last post before my brother’s wedding.  The Hermes delivery man turned up with a couple of things I’d ordered at Landsend.  Here they are:


It is my MISSION to find comfortable, flattering snowboots.  I have thick calves (even when I am quite thin) so I NEED zips.  Otherwise it just plain doesn’t work and I can’t hook the boots on so that I can get my heel in.  This is something I experienced quite a lot when I was trying to get a pair of Uggs (which wouldn’t work in the snow anyway).

The boots I’d ordered DO have a side zip AND are lace up so I can adjust it to fit my leg a bit better.

These were £32 in the sale AND with the extra discount code. I love the colour.
These were £32 in the sale AND with the extra discount code (reduced from £85 – so I win!). I love the colour.

I love seeing snowboots when worn with skinny jeans.  Perhaps these would also work with a longish tunic and leggings?

Long sleeved T Shirts for the boy

My son has become very interested in planets and the solar system so when I found these, I knew he would love them.  We can pretend that they are educational.

Shows the relative size of all the planets in the solar system EXCEPT Pluto which is now a planetoid I think.
Shows the relative size of all the planets in the solar system EXCEPT Pluto which is now a planetoid I think.
Shows the structure of the sun.
Shows the structure of the sun.