It’s far cooler this week.  I know that not everywhere in the UK has been roasting but London has.  On Wednesday (32C) we went to the Bleeding Heart, sat in the courtyard and pretended that we were in the south of France.  I had snails to start and then we shared the Cote de Boeuf.

The Bleeding Heart

I am rather relieved that it isn’t as hot this week – it might even rain today!  My friend N (who is from Malaysia) sometimes talks about “candle princesses” (people who melt in the heat) and I may be one.  Heat is super when you’re in the Maldives / Seychelles / you get the idea (although much about 25C and it gets a bit much) but it isn’t a whole lot of fun when you have to get the bus into central London.

It’s not good to rush around in the heat

Shopping trolley

Yesterday I got a shopping trolley off my husband’s super mum for my birthday.  This is very exciting – I’ve wanted one for ages but either I hadn’t got round to getting round to buying one for myself or my husband has point blank refused to get me one.  I think he thinks it’s either (1) grannyish, (2) an inconvenience or a combination of the two.  He’s wrong though – it is just the thing if you live in central London – I keep seeing tattooed hipsters with them.  Plus, the other day I collected my son and his friend from school – each child had three bags with them, I had my handbag and a cotton shopper.  Result: I completely took over the luggage area on the bus.  It would have been a blessed convenience to have been able to shove all those bags in a shopping trolley.

Anyway, here it is:

Rolser shopping trolley in blue
It folds up really small

My friend E used to live in Barcelona and she said that absolutely everyone there had one.  They don’t have supermarkets there so everyone goes out to the market every couple of days.

I am particularly looking forward to using it at sports day.  It’s just the thing for lugging a picnic blanket, load of picnic stuff and a bottle of Pimms to a playing field.


It is pretty hot here right now – about 31C (getting on for 90F) in central London.  I am ratty, my children are ratty.  I have sunburn (I did put cream on but it wasn’t enough) and I can’t concentrate.  I had a piano lesson today and it was quite embarrassing because I just wasn’t getting the rhythm right.


Not a whole lot has happened here.  I’ve ordered my son’s uniform for next year (it will be nice if he starts the school year without a load of pasta sauce stains on his polo shirt and with shorts that aren’t too tight).  I need to get him to do his reading and piano practice but haven’t quite managed to stir myself.

Sorry, this was a bit of a pointless post.


I’m watching the Election 2017 right now – I won’t comment on it here because whatever I write will be wrong, wrong, wrong by the time you read it. Instead, I thought I’d mention how nice the lavender outside St Paul’s Cathedral is looking.

The lavender outside St Paul’s Cathedral has started to flower

The gardeners have been doing quite a bit of new planting.  I’m sure it will look brilliant once it gets started.

Like this

A bit off topic but I’ve just read a super book, “Only Ever Yours” by Louise O’Neill.  It was recommended by someone on Mumsnet – she did tell me that it makes The Handmaid’s Tale look like something out of Disney.  It has a terrible title but basically it is fairly dark Sci Fi.  Someone else said that we should all make our teenage daughters read it but I’m not certain that I would want my daughter to read something so unpleasant.  In any case, she is three so we have a bit of time to go.


I read a column in The Times today by Rod Liddle (called “Greetings from Corbynia, home of yak cheese and grinding poverty. Wish we weren’t here”).  I know that not all of you will have access to this article – The Times is behind a paywall – but this article is about Islington.  It irritated me no end so I am going to RANT about it here.

  1. “… the bistros doing an excellent trade in iced vegan coeliac-friendly lattes”.  All lattes (in fact all coffee) should be coeliac-friendly – I can see no reason to put gluten in a latte.  Friends of ours have a daughter who is coeliac – it is a real (incredibly inconvenient) condition, not an excuse to be poncy.
  2. “Islington North is safe for Labour, whether the candidate is Corbyn or a pig’s bladder on a stick (which is what they have in Islington South and Finsbury. Yes, Emily Thornberry).” Emily Thornberry is my MP.  I am quite irritated with her so I’ll let this go.
  3. “In the leafiest bits of Islington the average house will cost you not far shy of £2m”.  Ha ha HAAAAA!  In the very leafiest bits (not mine), a house will cost a lot more than this.  Check out Zoopla.
  4. “…yet there is enormous poverty in the borough … two-thirds of residents don’t own a car”.  Not owning a car is not necessarily a sign of deprivation, particularly in the centre of a city.  My parents live in the centre of Brighton, are definitely not poor and don’t own a car.  It’s a hassle that they can avoid by getting taxis.  In fact, the father of a boy I went to school with lived for part of the year in France – when he came back to Brighton (and managed to park in front of his house), he would then refuse to move his car until it was time to go back to France.  Otherwise, he’d have had to look for another parking space.
  5. “Upper Street is the kind of place where Waitrose actually lowers the tone”.  No it isn’t.  There’s a Wetherspoon on Upper Street.

I’ll stop whining now.  This probably isn’t a very interesting blog post, particularly if you live nowhere near north London.

Anyway, here is a picture of a demonstration that went on outside the Town Hall a few days ago.

Pensioners who want everyone to stop being horrible about Jeremy Corbyn


The other day I came across this fantastic video on YouTube.  Since it’s got so hot, I’ve really noticed all the people (mainly women) who wander about in their activewear.  Perhaps they do it all the time but I haven’t noticed.

I look like a boiled egg in my activewear (although someone did once tell me that it made me look younger) but if I didn’t, perhaps I would wear it.  It has the advantage of being (relatively) youthful without being tarty.  Although, I can imagine getting to the point where I wouldn’t know what else to wear.

I’m sort of at that point already.  The other day, I ordered some loose black yoga trousers from Sweaty Betty (to go under tunic – type tops) and they were sodding shiny (those went back to the shop).  The last pair I had were matte cotton and so super useful.  The lady in the shop said that the new ones are designed to wick away sweat more easily – fair enough, it is an activewear shop – and suggested I look at the grey ones they have.  Perhaps I will.



Yesterday, I passed the Worker’s Cafe and saw this:

They’re having building work

I really hope that they’re not closing down to become something poncier (like a Prada).  My husband and I were in there a week or so ago and Jeremy Corbyn walked in.  I didn’t notice (I was probably on my phone) but my husband said that he bought a bunch of coffees and took them out.  Possibly somewhere like the Worker’s Cafe is quite useful to Jeremy Corbyn – there’s no embarrassment if he gets photographed coming out of there.  Might even be good publicity.