About the blog

This blog is still quite new and, at the moment, is mainly about what I get up to in London and the Isle of Wight.  I’m conscious that quite a few readers come from some (to me) very exotic countries – where it is reasonable, I try to include links to explain any references to places or phrases which may be unfamiliar if you are not a 37 year old woman living in London and the Isle of Wight.

So far, I have left the format so that, if you click on a link, it redirects you to that link.  I know that I can get an add-in so that this would instead open a new tab but I haven’t done this so far because I read on a WordPress forum that doing so is considered rude.  If you feel strongly about this, please could you let me know?

A friend once told me that I wrote really good letters so I’ve kept this style in the blog.  In any case, even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t be able to write like Proust.  If I can be mildly amusing for a couple of paragraphs then I’ll consider that job done.

I refer to my husband and children in the blog but don’t include photos of their faces or mention of their names – this is just because it would have really annoyed me if someone had published stuff about me when I was a kid.  The blog is technically anonymous but if you knew me, I would be easy to identify from it.

Finally, thanks very much for reading.  It makes me really happy to think of other people reading my blog posts.

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