It’s unseasonably warm but I am loving October.  It’s nearly Hallow’een!  So exciting.

I love October

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had some men in, replacing the rotten windowsills (there were a few) and repainting all the outside bits that needed repainting.  They’re just finishing up now and are doing the front door.  I was a bit thrown when the man asked me what colour I wanted the front door – we’ve always had a dark red front door but I wondered whether it was worth getting a totally new colour as the door was being redone.  Plus my Mum said that everyone in the world should have a dark green front door.  In the end, I asked my son who is now six and said that he wanted it to be “completely the same, Mummy”.  Then I dithered a bit over whether to pick Rectory Red, Incarnadine or Eating Room Red (a bit too dark and “tasteful”).  So the door is or will be Rectory Red, which is a slightly lighter red than the colour it was before.  It’s also now in “exterior eggshell”, which seems to be more matte than the gloss.

The other day, one of my neighbours was outside, wearing a his-vis jacket and hanging out with the police.  So I went to have a nose – she was measuring the speed of all the cars and vans with one of those zappers and when anyone went over 25, the police pulled them over and gave them a ticket.  All of Islington is meant to have a 20 limit but a load of people use our road as a cut through and bomb it at nearer 40.  My husband almost never parks his car outside our house because people keep crashing into the cars parked there (a few years ago, one of them was his).  I found the whole Catching People Speeding Along My Road thing completely thrilling and signed up for a stint.  If it happens, I’ll let you know what it is like.  My husband asked why the police don’t just use the speed camera and catch people by themselves – I suspect it is a public relations exercise (which is fine with me).