The Red Lion

On Sunday we went for lunch at the Red Lion.  This used to be a place where dogs could go absolutely anywhere but children had to stay outside but I think they’ve changed management and are now quite pro children.  We did sit outside though (turns out you really need to book) and it was pretty nice.  My children got to say hello to several dogs that were being walked and, at one point, an old horse called Albert who came up to our table in the hope of biscuits.  He was very round and stuck his tongue out (he had no front teeth, being over 25, which is ancient in horse years).  There’s something very comforting about having a horse breath out of his nostrils into your right ear (I am serious).

I had mushroom and blue cheese risotto and my husband had a steak pie.  My son had a burger and my daughter had fish and chips.

The specials board

Afterwards, we went for a walk around the churchyard at All Saints’, which is where Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s wife Emily is buried.

Emily Tennyson

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