Measuring our feet at home

The other day I ordered a foot measurer from Clark’s, via Amazon.  This was my husband’s idea – he is rather horrified by the price of children’s shoes and wants us to measure the children’s feet at home and then order last season’s shoes online (probably through EBay).

Here is my foot

It goes from a UK size 10 (kid’s) to a size 10 (adult’s).  According to the instructions, you enter your numbers into the “sizecalculator” section of the Clark’s website and it will give your or your child’s size.  Except typing that in leads to here, which seems to give almost no information on widths.  My feet are about 24 cm long, which gives a shoe size of 5.5 – except they are also 21 cm wide so a UK 5.5 would be agony.  I usually wear either a UK 6.5 or 7.

I am loathe to describe this as a not very useful purchase.  So I will measure the boy’s feet at the end of the summer (my daughter wears a UK size 8 so it is too small for her).  And then I’ll take him to a normal shoe shop to get measured by someone who knows what they’re doing.

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