It feels as though summer has happened too early this year

Or is it only my garden?  The buddleia are starting to go over, as is the lavender.  I don’t usually clip both back until the end of August.


Although there are lots of bees still on on the lavender, all the wizened bits are making it less attractive.  One thing that do like is the globe thistle.

Here it is

The plant itself is not very pretty (well, it is a thistle) but the flowers are superb and the bees seem to love it.  Once it has gone over, I leave it for a while then chop it back.  It is a nice, hardy, drought tolerant plant and comes back each year.

Surprisingly, the bees don’t yet seem to be interested in the sea holly.  Maybe they’re still enjoying the lavender too much.

This looks GREAT – but no bees

They also seem to still like the six hills giant nepeta – but really, it does need chopping back a bit.  I am a bit reluctant – Monty Don has said that it starts flowering again once you chop it back but it doesn’t do so when I do that.

Six Hills Giant – now looking a bit tired

The thing is, once everything has stopped flowering, what happens in August?  We admire the berries and that’s about it?  The leaves start to fall?

Hydrangeas are still doing well – some aren’t fully in flower yet.  The Strong Annabelle is starting to turn brown though

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