Apple tree and the compost bin

Apple tree

Our apple tree is covered in apples.  Most are looking super but a few are rotting on the stems.  Those tend to have holes where wasps can get at the delicious contents.

Like this

If I were a better, more committed apple grower, I would thin them out.  But I’m not so I haven’t.

There are loads

Those that have ended up on the ground have started to wreck the grass so I’ve been putting those in the compost bins.

I don’t know what that white bloom on the skin is – probably mould of some sort

The compost bins are now looking pretty good.  Mine has loads of compost and compost worms (the wriggly, red ones).  I gave it a stir the other day, which was most satisfying.  Perhaps I’ll actually put some of the compost from it down onto the garden.

Here it is
Here’s my husband’s dalek – with loads of apples

4 thoughts on “Apple tree and the compost bin

  1. That is a lovely snake! Last summer we had a slow worm living in the compost bin and the summer before I found a (tiny) grass snake on the steps in the front garden – I assume it hatched in our compost bin and was trying to make a getaway before any of the seagulls spotted it.


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