Stuff for the children to get on with during the summer holidays

We’re now one week into the summer holidays.  And it’s going okay so far.  We don’t have any visitors this week but some are coming (with their children) next weekend.  It’s nice to have a bit of time to just chill.

One thing we’d been saving up to do here was to build this model volcano.  My son bought the kit at the school summer fair but, as it takes a few days to make (and quite a lot of MESS), we said that it would have to wait until we were in the IoW.  To begin with, you make the volcano itself using a mould and some Plaster of Paris (takes a couple of hours to set but we gave it a day).  Then the children need to paint the thing (very messy – also, non washable paint).  Then, once that is dry, you put in a load of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar (and some red food dye, if you have it – we didn’t) to make the lava.  Presumably, this is what children do for Science Fair projects in the US.


We’ve done a bit of piano practice (me and the boy).  He is only doing about ten minutes at a time so I am not quite up to Amy Chua standard just yet.

We’re also doing a bit of handwriting practice.  Although his report was super, it did say that he tends to write some of his letters and numbers in a really peculiar way.  Reading between the lines, this is not yet a problem but probably will be once the class starts doing joined up handwriting.  So I bought this book from Amazon:

A mum friend recommended this

He’s going through this book one page at a time (takes maximum seven minutes).  I don’t really care if he has nice handwriting (mine has been atrocious all my life) but it is a problem if people can’t read it.

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