Getting ready for the summer holidays

I know that I haven’t been on here very much.  My son breaks up for the summer holidays on Friday and we’ve had Sports Day, end of term performances, the summer fair (which I helped out at), my husband’s birthday etc.  It does feel a bit like the End of Days where I’m taking stock of what we have, what we need and what I need to do.  I’m having a haircut this afternoon and cancelling an appointment for tomorrow.  I’ll have to book in to see the hygienist in September as there isn’t time to do that before the end of school.  That sort of thing.

The Spike is doing a series on capsule wardrobes, which is interesting.  I think I, more or less, already have a capsule wardrobe.  Although the other day I moaned to my Mum that I only had one white T shirt and am in dread of the day when it is no longer wearable (it was made by Boden but YEARS ago and they haven’t brought out anything half so good since) and she bought me one of these in white:

I was so pleased with it, I ordered another white one and two grey ones (which have arrived).  They’re only £6.50 each so this was not as profligate as it seems written down.

I’ve done a cull of my son’s too-small trousers and shorts.  Now all I need to do is start packing.

We’re nearly at the start of the summer holidays

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