I’m watching the Election 2017 right now – I won’t comment on it here because whatever I write will be wrong, wrong, wrong by the time you read it. Instead, I thought I’d mention how nice the lavender outside St Paul’s Cathedral is looking.

The lavender outside St Paul’s Cathedral has started to flower

The gardeners have been doing quite a bit of new planting.  I’m sure it will look brilliant once it gets started.

Like this

A bit off topic but I’ve just read a super book, “Only Ever Yours” by Louise O’Neill.  It was recommended by someone on Mumsnet – she did tell me that it makes The Handmaid’s Tale look like something out of Disney.  It has a terrible title but basically it is fairly dark Sci Fi.  Someone else said that we should all make our teenage daughters read it but I’m not certain that I would want my daughter to read something so unpleasant.  In any case, she is three so we have a bit of time to go.

The garden

Our apple tree has already got a load of apples on it.  If I were a better, more committed gardener, I would thin them out.  However, I’m not so I won’t.

Apples – these should be ready before October
Guelder rose has berries
I love cotoneaster – this is covered in bees. It will look super when the berries are out

Unfortunately, our carrots aren’t doing very well.  They were looking great but it seems that they occupy the easiest spot for the blackbirds to dig up worms. So the blackbirds have dug up all but six carrot plants.  My husband’s mum suggested that we put chicken wire over it (which we may do next year).


The weekend before last, I repotted my foxglove seedlings.  This was actually trickier than usual because they’d done so well; the trays were covered in little plants.  In the end, about half were repotted.

Repotted seedlings in the cold frame
Seedlings in a shady bit of the garden (there wasn’t room for this tray in the cold frame)

The rest were planted throughout the garden.  In particular, I have a corner of the back garden that is a bit difficult – it’s underneath some trees and gets a lot of shade.  I hope the seedlings I put in do okay.

Tricky spot

My daughter helped me decide which seedlings to put in and where.  She quite enjoyed that.