Shopping trolley

Yesterday I got a shopping trolley off my husband’s super mum for my birthday.  This is very exciting – I’ve wanted one for ages but either I hadn’t got round to getting round to buying one for myself or my husband has point blank refused to get me one.  I think he thinks it’s either (1) grannyish, (2) an inconvenience or a combination of the two.  He’s wrong though – it is just the thing if you live in central London – I keep seeing tattooed hipsters with them.  Plus, the other day I collected my son and his friend from school – each child had three bags with them, I had my handbag and a cotton shopper.  Result: I completely took over the luggage area on the bus.  It would have been a blessed convenience to have been able to shove all those bags in a shopping trolley.

Anyway, here it is:

Rolser shopping trolley in blue
It folds up really small

My friend E used to live in Barcelona and she said that absolutely everyone there had one.  They don’t have supermarkets there so everyone goes out to the market every couple of days.

I am particularly looking forward to using it at sports day.  It’s just the thing for lugging a picnic blanket, load of picnic stuff and a bottle of Pimms to a playing field.

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