The other day I came across this fantastic video on YouTube.  Since it’s got so hot, I’ve really noticed all the people (mainly women) who wander about in their activewear.  Perhaps they do it all the time but I haven’t noticed.

I look like a boiled egg in my activewear (although someone did once tell me that it made me look younger) but if I didn’t, perhaps I would wear it.  It has the advantage of being (relatively) youthful without being tarty.  Although, I can imagine getting to the point where I wouldn’t know what else to wear.

I’m sort of at that point already.  The other day, I ordered some loose black yoga trousers from Sweaty Betty (to go under tunic – type tops) and they were sodding shiny (those went back to the shop).  The last pair I had were matte cotton and so super useful.  The lady in the shop said that the new ones are designed to wick away sweat more easily – fair enough, it is an activewear shop – and suggested I look at the grey ones they have.  Perhaps I will.


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