Argh! It’s a hot potato

It isn’t really, it is an old fiver.  I was given one in change on Friday (the last day that these remained legal tender) so had a real need to spend it.

I remember when these were new. I am old

In the end, I bought a gin & tonic on the train down to the Isle of Wight ferry terminal.  The man didn’t want to take it but then changed his mind.  Unfortunately, this meant that when I got to the IoW, I had to decline my husband’s offer to let me drive home as by then I’d had two gin & tonics (I always have one on the ferry while my son has a chocolate milk).  In fact, the ferry was so rocky that my son and I both felt rather nauseous (his due to chocolate milk) and had to go up on the windy upper deck.

I don’t really have a conclusion to this post.  Except that my Mum has now told me that I could always take the fiver to the bank, even after Friday.  I hadn’t realised this.

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