London planting

The other day, my husband pointed out that we have a couple of gaps in our back garden / yard in London and that I could plant something there.  This is quite exciting – although I have done loads of planting in the IoW, the garden in London tends to get ignored a bit.  However, other people around us are far more diligent.  I ended up taking some photos as there are quite a few plants that are looking amazing.

I love these poppies (Liverpool Road)
I didn’t realise that rhododendrons would grow in London as we have alkaline soil (Liverpool Road)
I can’t remember what this plant is. The flowers remind me of gorse and broom (Liverpool Road)
A really light Californian lilac (Liverpool Road)
A darker Californian Lilac (Almeida Street)

At present, we have a lilac tree which is beautiful when it flowers but the flowers are short lived (we completely missed them when we were away).  I’d always thought that I’d like another lilac, either darker or lighter (so like the lilac trees in St Petersburg) but maybe a Californian Lilac would also be very pretty (and perhaps the flowers would last a bit longer).

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