Pottering about and fancy children’s clothes

Now that we have no visitors, we aren’t really achieving anything.  My son didn’t even get dressed the day before yesterday (although we did find both my children sitting in the front of my car in the garage, pretending to drive to “emergencies”).  I have done my music theory homework and practised the piano.


My husband is not being lazy, he has a gardening project that I am not involved in.

While they were here, one of my guests mentioned a place that sells awesome party dresses for little girls.  They are called Tutu Du Monde.  I have had a most enjoyable browse through the website but am not going to buy anything from it:

  1. Their dresses are $180 / $200 EACH and all require dry cleaning.  My daughter is not getting a dress that is more expensive than almost anything I wear;
  2. She will slop chocolate ice cream on it and then she (and I) will CRY; and
  3. She already has quite a few dresses.  Plus my husband would be horrified.

However, if you like looking at incredibly expensive children’s clothes, go and check these guys out.

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