The last week of the Easter holidays

I am a bad blogger, I know.  I have been entirely absent, mainly because it has been the Easter holidays and we’ve had loads of visitors (my husband has counted eight families).  It’s all gone by in a bit of a blur – I am ENORMOUSLY fat due to lots of booze and chocolate.  The children go back to school at the start of May so I’ll start running again then.

We’ve done a bit of work in the garden.  I finally tackled that weedy bed and planted some new plants – the petunias have been eaten by slugs but the rest are looking okay.

New bed – am trying to get the lavender to come back to life

I need to do some weeding in the rose garden – it’s a bit overrun with stinging nettles – but I haven’t got round to it.  The violets are still alive though.

Back of the rose garden

The herb garden is looking okay, apart from the rosemary which I think I planted a few inches too far back and is probably going to die.

Herb garden


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