We’re a bit later than I’d intended but a couple of days ago, we sowed our carrot seeds.

Bed for carrots

The bed wasn’t too weedy as I’d covered it in wood chippings over the winter.  My husband spent far longer than I would have raking through the compost and breaking up the clay.  Still, we will probably get better results.

The seeds we sowed were one set of easy-grow, early cropping orange carrots and one set of multi-coloured carrots that I suspect won’t grow as easily.  There were about 2,500 seeds in the first packet and 200 in the second so I should think we’ll get a lot more of the “standard” carrots in any case.

I really need to sort out a couple of flowerbeds.  One in particular is a weedy, grassy disgrace.  I wonder whether it would be worth putting a load of lavender and herbs in there?  I had meant to make it more “fancy” but anything is better than what I have at present.  And oregano would be great at going to battle with the weeds.

3 thoughts on “Carrots

    1. Hello, yes, actually that is just what I did last year. It’s all been overtaken by the bastard, horrible creeping buttercup and is now completely dead. I am frightened to zap the creeping buttercup with chemicals because it is right next to the box hedge and my husband will be sad if I kill that.

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      1. Dig it out then… Or… If you want to use weedkiller… Get a piece of paper and make a cup around the plant and spray into the paper and hold it in place for a few seconds.
        The paper will soak up any spray before getting onto the hedge.
        Just make sure you wear gloves or wash your hands REALLY well. (use gloves!)


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