Reading materials

Now that my son is halfway through the Planet Exis series (basically a set of Sci Fi books for young children), I’ve been looking out for some other things he might enjoy.  I ended up getting a couple of recommendations on Mumsnet – Beast Quest and Dirty Bertie.

Beast Quest

They don’t look very “worthy” but perhaps that doesn’t matter just yet.

Although, there was a thing in the Sunday Times about how the head of Kings College Wimbledon has banned books that he thinks are crappy from the school library and has put 300 books in each year 7 classroom.  I had a google and they actually have a list of books that they recommend to the boys (aged between 11 and 13).  Having a look through it, I am rather wreathed in shame – I thought I was well read but perhaps not as well read as these boys who have only just entered their teens.  Perhaps I’ll start reading from that list.  Just as soon as I finish Fatherland.

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