Children’s wardrobe staples

Now that it is Spring and I’ve had a clear out of the children’s wardrobes, I thought it was probably time to stock up on some of the things that they wear most often.

My son, in fact, had lots to wear (mostly from Landsend) so I haven’t bought anything new for him.  This T shirt doesn’t count as it was back ordered as part of a shop last month.  He had an anglerfish T shirt last year which is now miles too small – however, he still asks for it so here is its replacement.

Anglerfish T shirt

I bought a few things for my daughter.  She is still wearing age 2 leggings and some of them are starting to look a bit washed out.  So I got her a bunch of age 3 ones.

Leggings from Next

There are a lot of things that Next do that I don’t like – basically anything with writing on the front.  However, from time to time, they do some nice, basic stuff.  So that is what I bought.

Denim dress and white cotton top from Next

My daughter also really likes the short sleeved pointelle T shirts from Boden. I bought three of those in the sale.  I also bought a “skort”, which seems to be a skirt with shorts underneath.  She will either LOVE it or find it annoying.

Boden haul

Lastly, she appears to have lost a really thin fleece, which was a super useful bit of kit and which used to belong to my son.  I have looked and looked for it (and got quite ratty while doing so) and it was nowhere to be seen – it’s probably under a hedge.  So I ordered these.

Didriksons monte fleece

The dark lilac was available in height 100cm but they’d run out of the 110cm ones so I bought the pink billow in that size.  The 110 one is being returned – although it is quite pretty, my daughter will cover anything that pale in spaghetti sauce and it will spend its life in the wash.  When she needs it, I’ll get her a 110 cm one in a plain, dark colour.

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