Time to get to work on the garden

We’re nearly in April so it is time to sort out my garden.  I didn’t have stacks of time last weekend (the clocks went forward and it was Mother’s Day) so we only sorted out the herb garden.  I had a few things that have died (a thyme and a basil from last year), a couple of things that just needed the dead wood cut back (the mace and, surprisingly, the tarragon) and a few things that needed to be planted.


I put in a fennel, a coriander and a lemon thyme (the last of these doesn’t do all that well in my garden – possibly it is too damp – but my husband often asks for it when he is cooking so I live in hope).  The coriander won’t outlive the summer but that is okay.

I am surprised that the parsley and the tarragon have survived.  I had thought that the tarragon had died but new shoots seem to be coming up from the ground (not weeds I think – I squished a couple of leaves and they did seem quite herb-y).  The parsley seems happy enough.

The rosemary is a bit pale – I hope that it will get darker over the summer.  Perhaps it is in slightly too shady a spot.

The chives that I moved over from the front have come up and are looking okay.  The oregano is big – my husband asked whether it needs cutting back (yes, probably).

When it becomes available, I could probably do with some chervil and angelica for the really shady bit.  The garden centre didn’t have any.

In another spot, I planted some more lemon thyme and some Greek oregano.  The lemon thyme may not survive but the oregano will grow to be a delicious giant.

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