Packable PrimaLoft Jacket from Landsend

The other day, I noticed that my son’s (non school) jacket was looking a bit short.  So I ordered another one in the next size up.

This one

It was £40, which does seem really expensive – I often think that somewhere other than Landsend must do something very similar for far less.  Maybe Uniqlo?  However, the thing is, this jacket is exactly right.  In the past, it has been listed on the website as suitable down to 5C, provided that it is worn with a typical winter wardrobe.  It is reasonably loose so my son can wear a fleece or jumper underneath.  Plus, he likes the colour.

Meh.  It’s the item of clothing that gets the most wear (apart from shoes and school uniform) so it’s worth getting the version that the boy likes.

I had a discount code so that I got a tenner off an orders over £40.  I ended up getting this henley top at the same time (so it was free, more or less).

My daughter also wears a girl’s version of this jacket – thankfully her jacket still fits her fine.

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