W. Hoffman

The other day, we bought a new piano.  Well, it is second hand (but new to us).  From what I know about pianos, this was made by C Bechstein in Germany (before they started making these in the Czech Republic) in 2003.

W. Hoffman (built in 2003)

Since it has arrived, I have mainly been practising on it.  It does have a practise pedal so I have not tortured my neighbours too much I hope.  Plus I won’t play it after 7pm (as my children go to bed then).

I’ve now been through all the homework that my piano teacher has set me.  I hope that he is pleased with my diligence.

It’s so pretty

The men who delivered it are very skilled at moving heavy things. They said that they hadn’t had any special training but that if it hurt when they lifted something, they were doing it wrong.  They (very kindly) carried a sideboard downstairs to the basement in return for £20 – this had been in the place the piano is now in and, although I could help my husband carry it a few feet, there really was no way I could carry it downstairs safely.

We were their only piano today so they were going to sit in the pub in the sunshine as soon as they’d dropped the van back.

One advantage of getting a piano is that it’s made us have a tidy up and brief audit of all the toys and junk we have floating about.  We’ve more or less made sense of it – I still need to do a proper audit but I don’t think that’s going to happen before the Easter holidays.

Another advantage is that it has distracted me from all the dentistry that I’m still having.  Root Canal Treatment Parts 1 and 2 are now complete but my dentist is now making me a crown for the tooth.  I’m not going to go into graphic detail but it took an hour and quite a lot of (painless) drilling to make an impression of the tooth.  This has now been sent to the lab and I have a weird plastic filling in while I wait for the crown to be made.  The good news is that I’ve been told that the next bit of treatment is the last and involves no drilling whatsoever.  Woohoo!

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