Wild and Gorgeous

A few days ago, I mentioned the Wild & Gorgeous sale.  The stuff has arrived and it hasn’t disappointed.  My daughter went a bit mad with joy when she saw it, tried it all on and danced round the room wearing it.  So that’s a hit.

I do have to point out (as, if you are interested enough to click on the website link, you’ll probably be horrified at the prices.  Particularly if you are (1) my Mum or (2) one of her friends), I got this stuff in the outlet sale (up to 80% off).  I don’t pay full price, partly because if I did and my daughter slopped her dinner down a £100 frock, I would cry.  Also, my husband would be so cross if I spent hundreds on poncy clothes for a three year old.

One maddening result of the sale being over is that I can’t now go back and check out how much each thing was originally and then BRAG about how I AM SUCH A CHEAP DATE REALLY.

Dragon jacket and roller dungaree dress – £24 and £27.60
Dragon on the back of the jacket
Rising Sun T shirt (£5), Peking Top (£13.50), Diamond Jewel Cardigan (£13) and Stripe Sweatshirt (£16.50)

I know that the Rising Sun T shirt was £25 originally and the jacket was definitely about £100.  The cardigans that they have now (similar to the one I bought) are £39.  I can’t remember how much the other two things I bought were originally BUT I BET IT WAS A LOT MORE THAN I PAID.

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