Good intentions

My knee is FINALLY starting to feel better – I’d fallen right on it while wearing ski boots and it’s been stiff and sore ever since.  Once it is a bit better, I’ll start running again.  I should have taken it up before skiing but blah blah blah got in the way.  The other day, I saw this thing on how to get fit before skiing in The Week.

I am almost certainly not going to do any of these
I am almost certainly not going to do any of these

I have been told that running is BAAAAD for you (or at least your knees) and that I should be doing yoga instead.  However, yoga requires that I am available at x time on y day and whenever I’ve gone to yoga, it’s been full of people who are really, really good at it.  Bit embarrassing really.

We’ve been looking at pianos (we have space in the IoW for a real piano).  So far, we’ve seen a bunch of second hand ones at J Reid (they have a factory where they fix the old ones and make them playable), a couple that people are selling through word of mouth (so far one that plays very nicely but is quite ugly – and too small for the space – and one that looks beautiful but is so unplayable, it is basically a really stylish shelf to put picture frames) and Peregrine’s Pianos (which, it turns out, doesn’t really sell second hand pianos although they did have a nice 30 year old Yamaha that someone had traded in for something much smarter).

There are a couple of problems with this – the first is that I am not very good at playing the piano so it is a bit embarrassing when I pull out my practise book and start clunking away at a piano in a showroom to people who are FAR better than I ever will be (particularly when they demonstrate the different sounds each piano makes by expertly playing Debussy).  The second is that looking at a new £17k piano (seriously, that was the price of one of the pianos demonstrated yesterday) when you’re looking for a cheap second hand one is a bit like deciding that you want to buy a Renault Fuego then going to a Porsche showroom.  It makes everything else look a bit crappy (and there is no way we are buying a £17k piano, like, EVER).

2 thoughts on “Good intentions

  1. You can do yoga at home.
    Just go buy a DVD and stay doing it at home until you have the basics and then join a class knowing you won’t look a complete moron.

    Hey… At least you, as a female, will be able to get in a class! I got turned away for so long it was getting demoralising.

    And can you not learn to play on an electric keyboard?


  2. I do see your point. When I start a new thing, I like to have an instructor in case I am about to do myself some appalling injury. However, I could probably get a DVD (and could do it in the basement when my husband is out and the kids are in bed). As long as the person on the DVD doesn’t have an irritating “calm” voice.

    Seriously, you got turned away? That’s terrible. I’m sure I used to see men in yoga / pilates all the time (when I went).

    Yes, I can learn to play the piano on a keyboard (which is what I’m doing in London). However, we have space for a piano in the IoW so it is probably worth getting a real piano. My keyboard is a full size one with weighted keys so it isn’t that much more expensive to get a second hand piano (not one for £17k obviously).


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