Ski gear 2018

Yep, I know it’s Spring and we aren’t going skiing for nearly a year.  However, this is the best time to buy ski gear – places start reducing it once you get into March and I’m damned if I’m paying full price for children’s ski stuff.

So, I checked out Snow and Rock (incredibly expensive), Viking Kids (I love the stuff but it is nearly all sold out and the website is infuriating) and Muddy Puddles (which I’d originally decided was getting too expensive as their ski jackets were going for £75, a bit toppy for children’s jackets).  In the end, I put some things in the basket at Muddy Puddles and then left them there while I pondered for a few days.  Then, after getting a load of “There’s something still in your basket” emails, I came back and the jackets had been reduced.  Woohoo!  It helped that they’d also sent me a postcard with an extra 10% off.

Originally £75, I paid £40.50.
Originally £75, I paid £40.50
Originally £65, I paid £35.10
Originally £65, I paid £35.10
Originally £45, I paid £40.50
Originally £45, I paid £40.50

The jackets can double up as winter coats and, in fact, I wondered if they might not be a bit too warm – they have quite a thick, fleecy lining.  However, it may just mean that they need a thinner fleece when skiing and children don’t have as much body fat to keep them warm (my daughter in particular).

I only managed to get saloupettes for my son – the ones with braces were sold out for ages 3/4, 4/5 and 5/6 and my daughter really needs ones with braces.  I have some old ones that my son used to wear so she’ll probably be okay in those.  She would ABSOLUTELY LOVE these – but my husband would go mental if I bought them.

I need to get my son better (double glazed) ski goggles as his teacher said that the ones he has are too small for his face and will fog up when he is up the mountain.  However, that can wait until Christmas.

UPDATE: having been all pleased with myself for snagging some bargains, Muddy Puddles have sent out another email to announce further reductions.  If I’d waited until today, the coats and saloupettes would be £33.75, £29.25 and £20.25 with the extra 10% discount code (the last is a real bugger).  So next year I really will wait until the season is completely finished.

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